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Cinematic Collection of Dark World

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Dark World

KALNG is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to sound, so you can always anticipate a new soundscape from them. Whether you’re searching for one-shots and loops to spice up your track or entire instruments that need deconstruction before being reconstructed as single notes, everything’s here!

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Cinematic Collection of Dark World | Dark World 3

The Klang Release Cinematic Sample Pack “Dark World” is now available for purchase! This collection features cinematic sounding samples, perfect for any track that needs an epic feel. These sounds are created by talented musicians who have spent hours crafting their craft in order to produce something great and give you lush quality with every note played on your keyboard or percussion instrument of choice.

Our sample packs are filled with characterful drum and percussion one-shots and loops, harmonic ambiences, chord progressions, fx-sounds and even whole instruments deconstructed into single notes.

Klang has amassed a large collection of diverse samples over the years and now makes them available to all. Useful for genres such as Hip-Hop, Trap, Electronica, or House – but also for cinematic kits or anything more experimental.

Klang has released a new Cinematic Sample Pack, “Dark World”. The sounds in this pack are perfect for any project that needs an edge of darkness to it.

Pricing and Availability

Dark World a Cinematic Collection is available now.

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