REPRO 5 – In Between: New Soundbank for Cinematic Sounds

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 15 October 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Subsonic Artz – In Between for Repro 5

The REPRO 5 soundbank by Subsonic Artz has been designed to bring cinematic sounds to your productions. This bank is inspired by a lot of movies, series, and composers but it has its own consistency and flavor. It’s perfect for any type of soundtrack that needs to be dramatic, dark, or moody.

The backdrop is dark, gritty, and reminiscent of the past. It is also highly emotive.

Dark, gritty soundbank

This soundbank is dark, gritty, and nostalgic as well as strongly evocative. The set contains a lot of cinematic sounds. This soundset includes some really unique Repro 5 presets that will make adding depth to your composition easy.

29 ATMO (Atmospheres) , 22 BL (Bass Lines) , 7 BS (Bass) , 16 FX (Effects) , 5 KY (Keys) , 7 LD (Leads) , 22 PD (Pads) , 19 PL (Pulses) , 10 RY (Rhythms) , 13 SY (Synths)

The mod wheel, the velocity, or the aftertouch have an action on every patch for subtle or drastic changes in the sounds.

In between is a brand new soundbank for REPRO 5, inspired by a lot of movies (Dune, Blade Runner…) , series (Walking Dead, Breaking Bad…), and composers (Bill Brown, Olafur Arnalds…) but has its own consistency and flavor.

You better use the latest version of Repro (1.1.2) to take full advantage of the set.

Pricing and Availability

Subsonic Artz – In Between for Repro 5 is available now.

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