Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in

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  • Date: Monday, 18 October 2021
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There is a spring reverb plug-in that has been released by Black Rooster Audio. This spring reverb is unlike any other spring reverbs you have heard in the past because it is authentically modeled. That means that when you use this plugin on your vocals, synth, or guitar tracks, they will sound more realistic than ever before!

The RO-SPR is a versatile spring reverb that acts as the perfect customizable spring reverb thanks to its SPRING TYPE total of six options, which are neatly laid out next to LOW, MID, and HIGH EQ settings, as well as SPRING LENGTH and SPRING MODE controls.

20211004 BRA RO SPR Release Wide
Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in 6

Appreciating everything that a plug-in can do implies, perhaps, an appreciation for the audio revolution that ultimately produced it; step back in time — to 1939 in fact — to absorb some important background information.

What did Laurens Hammond invent?

Laurens Hammond, the American inventor, and engineer best known for his Hammond organ and the Novachord. A spring reverb is a type of guitar amplifier spring reverberation device. The spring reverb was invented in 1954 by Hammond, who wanted to emulate the complex tones produced by his Novachord which used 12 individual springs that were hung from racks on opposite ends of the instrument’s case.

His concept of a mechanical, spring-based hall processor was further refined, making its way into those legendary Hammond organs from 1960 onwards and standalone hardware devices such as the Accutronics Type 4 spring reverb.

RO SPR Frontplate
Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in 7

Are Precision basses good?

The original Fender Precision Bass, released in the late 1960s, was a huge success. The instrument’s unique sound and appearance quickly became iconic, with many artists including it on recordings and tours. In addition to its distinctive look, the bass guitar has a distinct voice that sets it apart from other instruments. Furthermore, fellow American inventor Leo Fender effectively.

The Fender Super Reverb is a 40-watt combo amplifier that was originally produced in 1963 and 1964 as the first Fender amplifier with onboard reverb, becoming a standard feature on many high-end Fenders during the Sixties and Seventies.

Although it’s true that spring reverb is one of the most popular hardware reverbs in history, unlike hefty plate reverbs that might cost hundreds of dollars and weigh hundreds of pounds each, most spring reverbs are more space- and cost-efficient.

RO SPR FinalRender DetailB
Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in 8

What are spring reverbs good for?

Spring reverbs are often described as “bouncy” or “ringy” due to their mechanical layout, which is low-end heavy. Although the audio spectrum was previously balanced using an EQ to provide a natural room sound, many mix engineers used that same low-end boost to give their guitar, voice, or synth tone greater weight.

Many hit recordings, ranging from The Doors to Queens Of The Stone Age, utilize the same sound design technique and renowned qualities of spring.

RO SPR FinalRender DetailC
Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in 9

The RO-SPR plug-in, on the other hand, combines the sought-after sound of the past with inordinately distinctive classic spring types that are equally unusual, while also incorporating modern-day characteristics to tailor each section to a specific person’s demands.

The firm has split the stereo channels to adjust the amplitude for a natural stereo image of many springs that varies based on the spring material and signal frequency spectrum.

It’s now possible to effectively have numerous units in one thanks to the character-rich vintage reverb plug-in RO-SPR, which allows you to do so.

RO-SPR is a free VST plugin that adds the characteristic spring sound to guitar, bass, vocal, drum, or synth tracks — or even tries it out on any bus or mix channel. It produces well-known but mysteriously mechanical roomy reverb effects that are sure to be cherished by anyone who uses it!

RO SPR FinalRender DetailD
Black Rooster Audio’s RRO-SPR — An Psychedelic Flair Spring Reverb Plug-in 10

With the release of this plugin, it is now possible to create authentic-sounding spring reverbs on your tracks. If you are looking for an easy way to make your music sound more realistic and immersive than ever before, be sure to download Black Rooster Audio’s Spring Reverb plug-in today!

Pricing and Availability

RO-SPR is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of only $59.00 USD — rising thereafter to its regular price of $129.00 USD.

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