Powerful New Studio Monitors Introduced: PreSonus R-Series V2 Active AMT

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 20 October 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

PreSonus has just announced its new R-Series V2 Active AMT Monitors. These monitors have been updated to include three different Acoustic Space settings, which allow you to compensate for the acoustic results of speaker placement against a wall or in a corner. They also come with Low Cutoff, Mid Frequency, and High-Frequency controls, allowing you to make adjustments on your monitor mix as needed.

Second-generation R65 V2 and R80 active AMT studio monitors

PreSonus®, the world leader in recording and mixing equipment, has introduced its second-generation R65 V2 and R80 active AMT studio monitors. The new speakers feature more extensive control than their original counterparts with an improved Acoustic Tuning technology that incorporates analog controls from PreSonus’ celebrated Eris® line into these impressive speaker models!

The Acoustic Space Control really lets you take the sound of your speakers in a number of different directions. The Low Cutoff setting allows for thin, shrill tones while High-Frequency Compensation shifts things up with deep bass and treble response to make sure there’s no distortion at higher volumes. There are three positions on this switch: Wall/Corner Placement Compensates when placed against walls or corners; Open Air Mode removes room effects by outputting straight into an open area without absorption by objects around it – perfect if playing near windowsills! Finally, 140W Class A/B Amplifier power guarantees smooth playback even at high volumes.

PreSonus R65 V2 and R80 V2 0001
Powerful New Studio Monitors Introduced: PreSonus R-Series V2 Active AMT 3

Air Motion Transformer (AMT)

The new R65 and 80 monitors feature a custom-designed 6.8 square inch Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter that responds to the subtlest waveforms and high frequencies, making them an ideal choice for those who want their listening experience ultra-highs with more “air” in the sound field as well as dimensionality when listening close up or far away from speakers on stage

The original series of Yamaha’s onstage monitor speaker line has been expanded even further; now there are two different versions: TheR65V2 and the R80 V2.

You’ve never heard anything like it. The AMT folded Kapton membrane is so thin that it offers wave-cycle accurate transient reproduction, which means you can hear every detail in your music: from gentle breath to subtle finger noise and nuances of brass or woodwinds with exquisite reverb tails gracefully decay – all without any distortion!

presonus r80v2 back 1313x2000
Powerful New Studio Monitors Introduced: PreSonus R-Series V2 Active AMT 4

Minimal reflections off your desk or floor

The R-series V2 tweeter enables 8 to 13 times the projectability of more traditional designs, while its housing design confines the projection area in a narrow horizontal plane. This results in an extremely wide “sweet spot” with minimal reflections off your desk or floor that provide consistent sound playback no matter what environment you’re listening from!

The R80 V2 features an eight-inch, custom-woven composite woofer that offers consistent low-end dispersion across its frequency range. The smaller 6 1/2″ woofer in the R65 has been designed with a similar design and delivers high-quality sound at lower volume levels for those seeking more intimate listening experiences!

The BXR is a perfect fit for those looking to record their music on the go. Its balanced XLR input connections make hookup quick and easy, while its ¼ inch TRS outputs allow you to connect with any line-level sources that are available in studio or live environments alike. Safety features include RF shielding current limiting over-temperature protection subsonic/ultra low-frequency dampening which helps prevent annoying vibrations if not wound correctly!

Pricing and Availability

PreSonus R65 V2 and R80 V2 studio monitors are available immediately at PreSonus dealers for U.S. street prices of $329.95 and $429.95, respectively. The new R-series V2 monitors replace the original R-series monitors, which have been discontinued. 

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