Get Excited for Modwheel’s Launch of REPERCUSSIONS: Kontakt Percussive Instruments and More

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 22 October 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The REPERCUSSIONS sample library is now available soon. Modwheel has invested countless hours on REPERCUSSIONS, and the result is a high-quality Kontakt instrument that will be one of your go-to tools for percussive sounds. REPERCUSSIONS include loops, hits, feels, and more – tuned instruments as well as untuned ones – all in an easy-to-use interface with stunning visuals.

Get Excited for Modwheels Launch of REPERCUSSIONS Kontakt Percussive Instruments and More
Get Excited for Modwheel's Launch of REPERCUSSIONS: Kontakt Percussive Instruments and More 2

Microphone Placement

In the chapel, there were microphones placed at various distances from each other. resulting in 52 Kontakt patches made from 86 instruments, up to 6 velocity layers, various articulations, 5 round robins.

Modwheel has invested countless hours on REPERCUSSIONS and the result is high-quality 52 Instrument patches in total. Tuned ones include orchestral bells, tongue drum, kalimba, clock chimes, steel pan, Saxo parps, and angklung.

Orchestral Bells is a Modwheel REPERCUSSIONS patch that includes different new timbres. The timbres are tuned. The sounds are based on the typical creative madness Modwheel is able to produce.

Untuned ones include snare, toms, bass drums, hand drums, Cajon, anvils, shakers, tambourines, triangles, spoons, gongs, cymbals, log drums, metal, and shells. You’ll find several oddities, including a rommel pot, thunder drum, telempong, and a special sub patch.

Modwheel’s Creative Differences series continues with Repercussions, the latest Kontakt library from Modwheel. This collection has been used by a handful of their libraries, including HumDrum, Timphonia, and The Bends. This is a collection of all the other fascinating percussion and percussive instruments from their library, which were recorded in the chapel.

This new sample library brings you all the percussion and percussive instruments from the Modwheel collection of over 30 years.

You may utilize REPERCUSSION with any sort of music style or rhythm.

Pricing and Availability

REPERCUSSIONS is available for purchase on 4 November, 2021


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