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In the world of music production, people are always looking for new sounds. In a recent announcement, Magnetic 96 through Steinberg has released a sound source called Metal and Ice. The potential for creativity and high-end sound is just waiting to be unleashed on your next production.

Unleash the power of metal and ice with Magnetic 96 through Steinberg

The sound of a brass ensemble and instruments such as synthesizers, rare analogs, or digital can be heard. Along with this are various metal-based sound effects recorded using ice objects in addition to other more conventional recording methods using all kinds of metal objects.

Focusing on extended playing techniques, unusual recording methods, and deeply processed sounds to make something beautiful.

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The fusion of these sources is combined with powerful modulation options to produce an original sound that will make your audience take notice. The ability to utilize whatever tools are available is what distinguishes them—and makes them quite unique!

Unusual sounds you’ve never heard before!

Beneath its surface, there is so much going on. The first thing that hits you in the face when u investigate a bit closer? They’re using some cool sound synthesis techniques from wavetable and granular engines as well as FX processing to make these sounds really unique!

If you’re looking for the perfect playground to unleash your creative ideas, then Magnetic 96 has what it takes. With their extraordinary instrument and an output tone of voice that’s as exciting as they come–this invaluable company will take any production into cinema-level territory! Magnetic

The library includes 6.5 GB of unheard sounds, created from various instruments, synths, metal objects, and ice recorded in 96 kHz/24 bit. Magnetic 96 has seamlessly integrated the sounds into Steinberg HALion software for immediate playback and editing within Cubase, Nuendo, or any other DAW of your choice to get you started quickly!

There is an abundance of outstanding sounds that have been recorded from extended playing techniques. These are all 12-piece brass ensembles, each with their own unique take on this repertoire for period-instrument composers and arrangers alike!

What sparks your imagination and transcends you to a new world? 

To get your starter Magnetic 96 included, More than 150 masterfully crafted cinematic presets. Create your own signature sound with this comprehensive library of expertly crafted cinematic presets.

Imagine the most intense and chillout music ever, all mixed together in perfect harmony – you’re there! It may be hard to imagine but Magnetic 96 has done just that. With the Magnetic 96 Materials – Metal & Ice collection for HALion (Compatible with HALion 6.4, HALion Sonic 3.4, HALion Sonic SE 3.4), not only can you enjoy a broad range of musical instrument samples.

A more expressive sound that can do anything

The world of sound is as diverse and innovative as it gets. From musical instruments like the guitar or piano to field recordings from all over! It wouldn’t be a stretch then that if Magnetic 96 had an instrument made just right there’s probably someone willing who can help create your masterpiece too – no matter how complicated or simple-sounding your desired effect might seem now try out this new library. Most of the sounds were created in unusual ways, delivering custom sound and extended articulations. Get the perfect sound for any project with this Magnetic 96 pack. This is more than 150 masterfully crafted cinematic presets, and you’ll love adding them to your sessions!

It is very common for producers to use vintage and modern outboard gear when making their own sounds, but what’s not so usual are the colors that can come from combining these two worlds. The process of using both old-school tools as well as cutting-edge technology allowed Magnetic 96 at this studio to create truly unique tones!

The goal was to create an instrument that already has character and personality, then shape them with everything HALion can offer. What are some of the more creative ways you’ve heard about music synthesis? There’s wavetable sampling, granular processing, and even distortion. What would your ideal sound like – what does it take for this instrument to make an impact on people who hear it in their heads when they think back over their day or week; do any sounds come immediately to mind (or ought not to!)

I’m sure we can all agree that there is no perfect formula but our favorite types typically involve filters with FM-synthesis and waveshaping algorithms.

Designed by Magnetic 96 (Tobias Menguser and Stephan Lembke)

With more than 35 years of combined experience in sound design, Tobias Menguser and Stephan Lembke — known together as Magnetic 96 -joins forces for this project. They did all the recordings to make sure everything was perfect from start to finish! Magnetic 96 has been on the cutting edge of innovation in music. Now Magnetic 96 joined forces for this project and did all the recordings and sound design. 

Tobias has worked for some of the most well-known music tools in existence, including Native Instruments and Heavyocity. He’s done the sound design on blockbuster US movie trailers like the Star Wars trailer.

One of the most unique and sought-after composers in today’s music world, Stephan has been involved with many projects for Native Instruments. His talent shines through on their sample-based virtual instruments which have made it possible to create countless hit songs over time! He is also a producer of sample content for Yamaha Music Europe’s keyboard hardware.

What is a soundscape in music?

Sound design can have many different forms, but it’s at its best when the soundscape becomes an essential part of gameplay. Soundscapes are used to create complex structures or rhythms that guide your gaming experience in some way – whether through suspenseful moments where you’re waiting for something big to happen on screen; environmental noise-environments like forests filled with rustling leaves which help hide player footsteps so they don’t get discovered by enemies nearby; deeper basses responsible for shaking the ground beneath players’ feet as if there were actual tremors happening underneath our feet…sound plays this vital role!

With just one layer you can do a lot of sound design and shape sounds differently. You get to be creative with how your creations come out by adjusting the tone, volume distribution, or even adding effects like reverb which changes its environmental characteristics in time with what’s being played back from an instrument’s resonating cavity.

Designing frequencies on synthesizers

Speaking from my own experience. In order for me as someone who is new at designing frequencies on synthesizers, it was really helpful when I first started playing around by getting some experience under my belt before moving onto more advanced techniques where things might become difficult if not impossible without knowing exactly what everything does beforehand! It also helps that there aren’t many tabbed guides online yet so everyone has something unique up their sleeve when they want inspiration – this way we newbies can still get in on the fun!

To get to the point where you have all of this material in your library, you’ll spend a lot of time, or at least I would. Magnetic 96 new sound source library called Metal and Ice is the perfect opportunity for musicians to be creative while creating high-end sounds with this powerful tool.

Rating: Five out of five stars

The people at Magnetic 96 have teamed up with Steinberg’s HALion team to create an innovative new sampled-based synth, and it’s more than just incredible sounding—their goal was for users from all walks of life (from professional musicians alike) who want more out their productions by being able to use these instruments as both musical tools or sound design elements.

The result is an instrument full of creative potential and high-end sound options, which will make your next production come alive. It is without a doubt that this instrument has one of the most outstanding sounds in recent memory.

Materials Metals & Ice has a new sample material that can be used musically or in the background. I’m looking forward to the innovative uses for this in my next project!

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Review of Metal and Ice the New Magnetic 96 and Steinberg Designed Materials Soundset
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