80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts

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  • Date: Tuesday, 2 November 2021
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Cheat Code by Pegboard Nerds

Phase Plant is a synthesizer from Kilohearts. The plugin is capable of producing a range of sounds from vintage synth to full-on sci-fi soundscape with just one knob! In order to help people get started, Kilohearts released Cheat Code – a Content Bank with 80+ customizable presets for Phase Plant.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts poster
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 4

Retro gaming sounds for champions

Cheat Code includes 80+ presets for Phase Plant. This bank includes all sorts of different patches – so there’s something for everyone. I was so excited to see the Soundscapes section in this new soundset! It has some really amazing pieces.

Cheat the system and learn from the masters

When you think the system can’t be cheated, it’s time for some real action. Cheat the system and learn from those who have mastered it.

In this huge Bank, Pegboard Nerds reveal their sound design secrets, with over 80 presets for adding that vintage vibe to modern electro house and beyond. Customizable patches to get you started in the right direction, as well as plenty of room for personalization. The nerds have developed an immensely useful bank where each sound will inspire you, utilizing the power of music to create a bank for every single musical note, including all the options you need to tweak, twist and turn sounds into your own.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 5

Cheat Code contains 80+ presets for Phase Plant by Kilohearts

About Pegboard Nerds

Pegboard Nerds are the electronic music producers Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg. They hail from Norway but now reside in Trondheim where they produce their unique sound of bass-heavy electro house by combining their two names into one to form Pegboard Nerds. The pair has produced dozens of singles and remixes, collaborating with artists such as Krewella, Jauz, Nervo, and Knife Party. On the popular Monstercat label, they’ve released eight EPs.

In October 2015, the pair launched Pink Cloud to raise money for breast cancer research, which peaked at number two on iTunes’ Dance Albums list and topped Billboard’s Dance albums chart.

What is Phase Plant?

If you want to learn more about Phase Plant take a look at our review: Phase Plant Review – an Enormous Hybrid Synthesizer and Sound Design Tool by Kilohearts

Phase Plant is a modular-style synth. It is a modular synth that connects the Kilohearts Snapin effects with a range of unique signal creation and intonation devices. By combining the established Kilohearts effects, adding new ones, you can build compelling synthesis and sampler instruments. Phase Plant offers four signal generators: the analog oscillator, the noise generator, the sample player, and the wavetable oscillator. Each one of these is very persuasive and you can combine, mix and match and combine as you want. If you do already own existing Kilohearts plugins, those will be available in Phase Plant. When purchasing Phase Plants it helps to reduce the spent.

80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 2
80 Presets for Phase Plant Released by Kilohearts 6

Pricing and Availability

Cheat Code By Pegboard Nerds is available now.

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