World’s Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 11 November 2021
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Playbeat 3.0 is the next generation of Audiomodern’s Creative Groove Engine. It’s a powerful new groove-making app that can generate infinite variations on grooves while maintaining a sense of creativity, inspiration, and momentum. No two patterns will ever be the same – not even with just one click!

Smart by Design

Design Thinking is Smart. Unlike other groove creators that are limited to one specific algorithm, Playbeat 3.0 (Affiliate Link) offers an endless number of possible grooves with its algorithms! Playbeat is an innovative company that creates original music by using advanced sonic analysis algorithms. The resulting grooves never repeat and always sound great!

The power of this feature lies in its spontaneity, allowing DJs to discover new sounds without pre-planning what they’ll play next or who’s DJing at their party; it also saves them time by generating songs instantly instead of painstakingly programming every sequence minute-by masterfully blending between tracks like few others can do! You’ll always be able to find new, creative ideas with a twist of your own creativity. From simple pattern remixes all the way up to more complex drum beats!

Generating and suggesting different combinations for your beats on the fly is something that will help you be creative. It’s like a never-ending rainy day at the beach. The more you play, the better!

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Sequencers that are Powerful

Sequencers are devices that can record, edit, and playback music sequencer data.

It is also designed to automate the process of creating repeated musical phrases such as accompaniment patterns such as a bassline or drum track. Sequencers come in both software and hardware formats.

There are many different types of sequencers including analog sequencers, which use knobs and sliders similar to those on audio mixers, and MIDI sequencers which transmit information digitally over a MIDI connection.

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Sequencers can be programmed with sequences of notes for one or multiple channels: some automatically create short pauses between phrases, some allow the user to specify exactly the length of each pause by specifying the time signature on each sequenced line. Since there is no universal standard, manufacturers use their own proprietary systems.

Playbeat UI L001
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  • Generate Random Patterns
  • Load your Own Sounds
  • Unique Randomization Parameters
  • Eigh X Intelligent Sequencer Engines
  • Smart Remix Algorithms
  • Temporary Random Functionality
  • Generate Infinite Patterns and Grooves
  • Signature Infinity Mode
  • Drag MIDI Stems & Pattern
  • Drag Audio Stems & Pattern
  • Pads Section for Musical Performance
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Remix infinite combinations of patterns

To help you create your grooves even faster and more accurately the Playbeat app has an exceptionally intuitive user interface where all of these features are laid out like a deck of music cards for easy access!

With up to eight totally independent sequencers which can combine Real-Time Pitch Shifting, Audiomodern’s signature Density feature and more, it is easy for the musician in you.

Each of these features is designed so that they don’t get in each other way or take away from your music quality at all!

How does the sequencer work?

Playbeat can create or remix infinite combinations of patterns in the most creative way. They always have a new idea for what you’re working on, and it’ll sound like nothing else out there!

World's Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine 14

Load up any audio file, edit or randomize the values and samples instantly. Bring your sound design to life. Mix your own customized, personalized sound with the push of a button.

Let Playbeat take over and let it perform for you using our signature Infinity mode. There is no limitations on what comes out!

It’s time to unleash the full potential of your creativity with this powerful app that offers nothing but freedom, ease-of-use features as well as an intuitive interface design – all at a price anyone can afford.

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Remix, Performing, and Editing

With Audiomodern’s totally new algorithm introduced to version 3.0, you can now create unlimited remixes of patterns based on your current song and make it fit exactly how you want for an entire album or playlist!

The best part about using Remix patterns is that you can edit them on the spot and create new remixes.

Preset & Sample Management

With Audiomodern’s new Sample management and Preset system, you can add any folder from your computer to the Sequencers & Samples. It’s easy-peasy! Just browse for samples in any desired location on disk or online then drag their files into place with ease – no need to manually copy them across anymore because that was cumbersome as heck at best but made missing Content even more likely too.

This is a fantastic tool for beginners and pros alike. Whether you’re looking to create something unique, or just want some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing the ease of use plays a big role when you want to stay creative instead of learning how to use an app.

It’s easy enough that even if we don’t know what genre of music one might enjoy creating in their songs; with this program, we can still find inspiration from other genres which should give any artist tons of new material when trying out different styles such as rap beats (which often use heavy drums) rock rhythms…the list goes o onn and on!

There is no limit to what you can do. You’re the only one that has a hold on your creativity with this easy-to-use app which comes complete with not just presets but also sample management features too, making it easier than ever before to find inspiration as well as keep things organized.

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Exporting Samples

The Export tab allows you to save or export any stem, pattern in MIDI and WAVE file. You can drag-n-drop your stems from one area of N turmoil onto the other so that they are always at hand for tweaking!

World's Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine 17

Works with MIDI

MIDI is a music language used by performers, composers, and engineers to control electronic musical instruments or record their performance on an instrument with a tape player. The most popular examples are keyboards like a piano which can be programmed using notes played from one key- Northwestern European stock would benefit greatly if they started using these apps now!

World's Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine 18

Anything that can accept MIDI

The possibilities with the ability to route your MIDI output in a flexible map are endless. You can use it as an input for any number of other programs or tools, such as Drum Sequencers and Plugins!

The app that you never knew existed.

Make your own packs

Create your own packs, if you are a pro or just an amateur musician, you know that one important thing in the world of music is to produce up-to-date music. This can be hard because it is hard to remember every single new beat. Playbeat comes with unlimited remixes which will make people think that you are the latest producer out there!

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World's Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine 19

It is easy to use and will make users feel like they are not using any other program. The templates have templates that have presets in them that have samples already in them so you never have to worry about putting them in yourself!

It is a great tool for anyone who wants to make music and put it out there. Even if you are not musically inclined, this app will be a great help because it has unlimited remixes that could go on forever which means that no two songs ever have to sound the same again!

Art that goes beyond music

Now you can create your own personalized packs, all with artwork that’s uniquely yours. You decide what to put in there – from a flag of the country where it was made or an image representing something important for this individual artiste like their favorite song! Once created and saved on our app, these customized gfx’s will be available anywhere at anytime 24/7.

World's Smartest Groove Machine. Playbeat 3.0 is Next Generation Creative Groove Engine 20

Let the power of creativity flow through you with Playbeat Packs. Every pack is exactly as you designed it because we capture both Samples & Patterns to make sure that every exported track can fit any project perfectly!

With a 1-Click Pack, you can do it all with a click of your mouse. It’s really fast and easy!


Creativity is a force that has the power to change minds, invoke emotions, and inspire. It’s also a powerful tool in music production. For decades, creative tools have been limited by the constraints of predetermined patterns. With Playbeat 3.0 (Affiliate Link), Audiomodern introduces infinite variations of grooves so you can create with more creativity than ever before! Playbeat’s innovative technology creates or remixes original grooves that never repeat, always sounding great.

Pricing and Availability

Playbeat 3.0 (Affiliate Link) is available now.

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