Endorphin.es Spaceship | Episode 13 | Cockpit 1U, Golden Master 1U & Milky Way 1U

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Thursday, 11 November 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Today the Endorphin.es 1U modules are launched and I had the privilege to make a launch video. If you have an Intellijel 1U row in your case, you may find this video of interest. If not, you may need one!

Endorphin.es made the modules compatible with Intellijel case outputs and I happen to have a Stealth 7U case. Unfortunately, I found out my -12V rail was broken so my ‘Spaceship’ couldn’t fly. I couldn’t make the video! So I had to improvise while waiting for a new TRS80W board to arrive from Canada. Intellijel support has been amazing, but the board would come too late. However, you can also make a cool video when things go wrong.

Endorphin.es started with TRS stereo outputs on the Grand Terminal, Cockpit & Blck_Noir, but then switched to dual mono from there on the Queen and the 6 HP series. This basically meant you had to use adapters. The Cockpit 1U solves all this. It has one TRS stereo input, and three dual mono inputs, duck/side chaining and a TRS stereo out. You can connect Cockpit 1U to Golden Master from the back, keeping cable clutter ‘internal’. It’s a joy to patch them up with any sound you can find.

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