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As the November dark sale is in effect over at Tonsturm, we would like to mention some of our favorite libraries that are currently on offer – all until December 1st, 2021.

The RAGING FIRE library offers a whopping 40% off for this month only!

Tapio Liukkonen from Finland

Tonsturm is one of the most innovative sound design companies in existence, and they teamed up with Tapio Liukkonen from Finland to create this library. The custom builds gasoline flamethrower he contributed provided some incredible fire streams that you’ll hear for yourself.

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Inspired by Richard Devine

Inspired by Richard Devine, Tonsturm also recorded burning wood embers underwater. Tonsturm captured the weirdest chirping and clattering from an out-of-this-world jungle chorus with our Ambient ASF-1 MarkII hydrophones on a nine-day recording session in Borneo!

Burning during countless sessions

Countless recording sessions took place to serve you the most impressive fire sound effects library available. You can find sounds that will make your next project pop with creativity and power, including:

A pile of wood burning in a fireplace; Water boiling on an open flame or gas stovetop; Crushing ice as it falls through deep snowfall more than 40 feet straight down onto the hard ground where volunteers gather around trying not to be hit by flying chunks of frozen water vapor moisture!

Some of the included effects were recorded in acoustically diverse environments like abandoned protection bunkers and industry halls. Huge fireballs whoosh bursts gasoline trails black power or various torches lycopodium flashes were captured by microphones positioned for an engaging sound design experience on both exterior shots as well interior ones too!

Sound of the festival

The sound of the festival was covered by multiple microphone setups featuring different flavors and perspectives. There were AKG, Schoeps Sennheiser microphones to capture every aspect from near field audio recordings or instrumentals at the head level through tree canopy’s with Shure Beta 57A’s pointing up high; even subwoofers made themselves heard when needed!

With permission from the local police department, Tonsturm was able to arrange an insane recording session where Tonsturm totally burned down 3 cars and their interior fittings. This allowed for a better sound in all three bands’ recordings!

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