Mad Filter – Add Movement and Character

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 26 November 2021
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Are you looking for a filter effect to add movement and character to your images? The MAD Filter is a great choice. It features complex LFO motion and mad states, which are a reflection of our playful side. These effects can be applied in all sorts of creative ways, making it the perfect tool for artists who want to explore their artistic side or just have some fun with photography.

Mad Filter is a free hidden gem, with its warm and sweet sound qualities. Here at the production house, we’re always looking for new ways to make our filters more exciting. The user interface is super easy: Think of the sounds you can make with this! You don’t need to be a musical pro, just turn up and explore. The controls are simple: click small circles on top for quick movements or use 2 levels if it gets more complex than that- there is even a ‘Go Mad’ button which makes your live sound effects unpredictably wider-ranging in a time frame (and hilarious).

Mad Filter Add Movement and Character MF TYPE
Mad Filter - Add Movement and Character 4

Analog-like Filter & Drive Circuits

The analog-like filter and drive circuits are perfect for adding an old-school vibe to your sounds.

What is the one thing every guitarist wants in their signal chain? That would be a beautiful, vintage-sounding pedal or effect circuit! The unique design of these filters will help you get that rich sustain like only guitar players know-how with ease while still being able to use them on other instruments too because they offer universal compatibility.

The MAD Filter offers you the power of a true analog filter with its warm sound qualities, but it is just as useful on modern synthesis too. Mad Filter plugins are rich, warm, and analog sounding with a distinct character at their core. This trait comes not only from the filters but also in part due to its state-of-the-art drive circuit which provides for an unmatched quality of sound you can’t get anywhere else!

Mad Filter Add Movement and Character MF 3
Mad Filter - Add Movement and Character 5

One-of-a-kind Filter Type Transition

A one-of-a-kind transition that will have your audience scratching their heads and wondering how it was done. Mad Filter is the best way to create a unique and creative movement in your video. You can transition between different filter types (lpass, h2h pass b/w notch) with just one click!

Mashup: Mixing many filters together will give you an even more interesting result than if they were used separately because of how smoothly moving from shot to shot goes on this plugin.

Mad Filter Add Movement and Character MF DRIVE
Mad Filter - Add Movement and Character 6

Complex LFO Motion & Mad States for Playful Randomness

You can’t predict the chaotic, exciting sounds of complex LFO motion and mad states. With the ability to randomize LFOs, it’s possible for you to create more complex sounds. Simply click on each knob and watch as they animate in circles or spirals over time with no two movements alike!

System requirements:

  • AU and VST3 formats are available
  • MAC & WIN installers
  • 4GB or higher ram recommended
  • 64 bit versions only
  • AAX format is not available at the moment.

Pricing and Availability

You can find this free VST filter plugin MAD FILTER here.

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