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DESTRUCTION Sound Effects & How I Record Them




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For “Destruction” Libby and I rented a so-called rampage room in Bangkok and legally destroyed a television, beer bottles, printer, scanner, and other small items to create this unique sound library.

Having sound effects with impacts smashes, bumps, shattering glasses, and multiple object collisions is a great resource to start your sound design adventure, but it also plays a very important element in becoming part of a designed soundscape. Sound design is an art and belongs to every movie, animation you’ve seen, or video game you’ve played.

We hope that with our DESTRUCTION SOUND EFFECTS LIBRARY we can provide you with the high-quality sounds you need to create your own unique artwork. You can use the original recordings or use them with any plugins to recreate something completely new.

Looking for DMS recordings? We recorded these sound effects in double MS with the Schoeps CCM4 and Schoeps CCM8. Please send me an email if requested.

Download The Library here: DESTRUCTION Sound Effects

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