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Arturia Unleashes PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper Firmware




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Arturia has been a pioneer in the world of virtual synths for decades, but their latest release is a giant leap forward in audio technology. The PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper Firmware will be available to registered users free of charge and it combines new features, functionality enhancements, and expansions to the instrument’s factory library at no additional cost.

What’s New In V2.0?

New Effects

Add an additional final EQ stage with 7 shapes to choose from, plus a vintage-style Ensemble effect for massive stereo width.

Synth Accuracy

You can now adjust the accuracy of controls like OSC pulse width, filter settings, unquantized LFO rate and more for a humanized feel.

Chord Mode

Simply hold ‘Polyphony’ and play up to 6 notes to set your chord voicing, allowing you to play chords with a single note on the keyboard.

Duophonic Aftertouch

Configure Aftertouch to only apply to the last note or group of notes you press, leaving previously held notes unchanged.

LFO 3 Curve Enhancements

Set PolyBrute’s third LFO curve to respond differently for further modulation control within your patch. On top of triangles, bells, and spikes, you can now access exponential to logarithmic envelope-like shapes..

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Real-time Display Feedback

PolyBrute’s screen now displays parameter names and values in real-time, so you can stay on top of every little sonic tweak.

Expanded preset library

Explore 64 additional factory presets designed by world-class sound designers, expanding PolyBrute’s sonic vocabulary.

PolyBrute’s first major firmware update vastly expands the flagship Brute’s powerful morphing abilities, introducing a number of creative enhancements, inspiring presets, and radical features, for free.

PolyBrute’s first major firmware update has been released and it’s packed with new features. This sleek synth can now morph between two different sounds in real-time! The Radical feature lets users load their own patches for even more creative possibilities, making Polybrute a must-have for any modern producer looking to push the boundaries of sound design. PolyBrute’s V2.0 Soundshaper firmware will be accessible through MIDI Controller Center.

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