Two Notes Expands Its Ever-Popular Revv Virtual Cabinets

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 9 December 2021
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Two Notes Audio Engineering is proud to announce an extension of their ever-popular Revv virtual cabinets. The company has always been a leader in the industry, and this new release is yet another example of what it means to be “in touch” with the needs of studio engineers around the world. These new additions will help users create more accurate mixes for live performances and studio recordings alike.

The Revv cabinet captures are now complete with the addition of four exquisite models armed in both Canadian and British-born tone. These new speakers further expand what users can expect from this innovative company, empowering them to find their own pinnacle throughRev’dynIR technology!

This is the perfect cabinet for all your sound-effects needs. You can have a wide range of different tones with this virtual instrument, and it also has Celestion speakers!

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Two Notes Expands Its Ever-Popular Revv Virtual Cabinets 3

This is a must-have for all you guitar players out there! The power of the DynIR cabinet can’t be matched by any other virtual or physical cabinets. Available as single purchases or in this collection, it’s guaranteed to give your tone that extra something special – pun totally intended!

For you as a Tone Chasers

The tone chaser will be happy to hear that we have exactly what he or she needs.

Now you can have all of those classic Marshall sound effects with none of the hassle or expense! You’ve been asking for it, and we finally heard your loud and clear. Introducing the “Revv Amplification Celestion®️ pack”; this is a revolutionary new product that will transform any electric guitar into something amazing!

The New Revv Amplification Pack from Celestion

The Revv Amplification pack offers unparalleled cabinet design and record-ready sound, thanks to its unique combination of elements. When designing the Torpedo-embedded Generator MK3 amplifiers, Revv President Dan Trudeau retrofitted Celestion speakers in his test cabinet to make them louder.

The new Revv Amplification pack from Celestion is an ultimate treat for those looking to take their sound experience up a notch. The iconic Vintage 30 and Creamback 75 speakers are not only renowned for delivering top-quality tonality, but they also come with the British-born mojo that you cannot find anywhere else!

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Two Notes Expands Its Ever-Popular Revv Virtual Cabinets 4

The following cabinets are included in this release

Revv 1×12 Vintage 30

When you need your tone to sit in exactly the right place in your mix, nothing beats Revv’s Celestion® Vintage 30-equipped 1×12”. This cabinet gives your tone the clarity and articulation it demands, without fighting all other instruments for a position in the mix.

Revv 1×12 Creamback 75

This cabinet sounds so BIG you won’t believe it’s only a 1×12”! Celestion’s® Creamback 75 has the headroom and full frequency response to highlight the true tone of your amplifier with crystal clear clarity.

Revv 2×12 Vintage 30

Balanced and modern with a Vintage 30 and Creamback 75 mixed in one 2×12” cabinet, this is the go-to choice of many aggressive metal players and session guitarists alike. Revv’s mixed Celestion® 2×12” yields a sublime balance of full frequency response with total string articulation.

Revv 4×12 Vintage 30

When only a roaring stack will do, unleash the winning combination of Celestion® drivers, mounted in an X pattern within a thundering 18mm baltic birch 4×12 cabinet. Extended, tight and formidable bass and a perfectly articulate high end is the sonic signatures of REVV’s mixed Celestion® 4×12”.

All four cabinets have been meticulously recorded using a variety of industry-standard microphones.  Including the Miktek® CV4, Aston® Spirit, Neumann® U47, Neumann® TLM102, Shure® SM7B, Shure® SM57, Sennheiser® MD421, Sennheiser® E609, Royer® R10 and Royer® R-121.

Pricing and Availability

The Revv Amplification Celestion® Pack retails at 35USD/35€ and is available from the Two notes Store exclusively

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