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With falling album sales, fewer touring opportunities, and a rise in streaming revenue, artists’ earnings have been steadily dropping, but fans are hungry for interaction and desire a more personal connection with their favorite musicians.

It was a show put on by artists, gamers, Game Producers, YouTubers, and gamers Markiplier in the game. The idea of having celebrities or anyone for that matter appear inside video games is not new, but what’s interesting to me about this particular performance is how it blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Fortnites and ABBAs Virtual Concert as a Proof that Art Is Digital
Metaverse Addressing Most Pressing Business Issues of Today’s Artist

It becomes difficult to determine where one ends and the other begins.

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This type of technology will continue to evolve and become more common as time goes on. We are already seeing signs of it in popular culture with shows like Westworld and Black Mirror.

These types of entertainment will only become more prevalent in the future as we move further into a digital age. What does this mean for our society? Only time will tell!

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