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FL Studio 20.9.1 Released: The Free Update You’re Going to Love




FL Studio 20.9.1 Released

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Yes! FL STUDIO just released FL Studio 20.9.1, a free update for all existing customers. This update is in response to the great feedback FL STUDIO received to FL Studio 20.9 and contains more than maintenance updates. So what’s new? Check out the video below for a tour of the main new features or read on for more detail.

FL Studio 20.9.1 is here with new and improved features! FL Studio’s development team has been hard at work, ensuring that their users have the best experience possible. You can enjoy playlist-based sequencing, quantized song jumps, and more with this new release!


  • Playlist – New ‘Quantize song jumps’ Playlist Menu option. ‘Make unique as sample’ no-longer prompts for a filename when the Shift key is held. New visualization option ‘Show Peak Meters for Instrument tracks’.
  • Mixer – New ‘View > Always show external input levels’ option to the mixer. Useful when monitoring is set to ‘When armed’ or ‘Off’.
  • FPC & Frequency Splitter – Added context aware type-in value support for better workflow.
  • MIDI Scripting – 9 new functions & features for deeper FL Studio integration with hardware controllers.

DOWNLOAD FL Studio 20.9.1 here OR BUY FL Studio here 

As usual, this is a free upgrade for current FL Studio users under FL STUDIO Lifetime Free Updates policy.

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