I Built a Reverb Tank out of an Old Lamp: Metal Desk Lamp

  • By: David Hilowitz
  • Date: Tuesday, 1 March 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

I built a reverb tank out of an old lamp + FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY. In this video, I delve into the creative possibilities of traditional desk lamps.

Four tension springs make this metal desk lamp a natural reverb chamber in addition to a light.

Metal Desk Lamp – FREE [Decent Sampler, Ableton Live, Kontakt]

Percussion sounds can be created by tapping and scraping it. It may also be bowed with a viola bow to create a breathy, natural pad sound.

This instrument library comes with two presets:

  • Metal Desk Lamp – Percussion
    49 hits of the metal desk lamp neatly laid out across the piano keyboard
  • Metal Desk Lamp – Pads
    The sound of the lamp’s bell-like shade being bowed with a viola bow.

The clanging and vibrating of a metal desk lamp being tapped and bowed. Suitable for adding an industrial vibe to your hybrid cinematic music.

Available in Decent Sampler and Ableton Live formats.

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