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Retro Funk Vocals 2200+ Hip-Shakin’ Vocal Loops for Dancefloor Anthems




Retro Funk Vocals 2200 Hip Shakin Vocal Loops for Dancefloor Anthems

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If you’re looking for that classic retro funk vocal sound, look no further than Retro Funk Vocals. This pack contains over 2200+ loops of vintage-style funk vocals, perfect for adding some old-school vibes to your tracks.

Each vocal part has been carefully crafted and processed to provide a high-quality, usable sample for your music. Retro Funk Vocals has got you covered whether you’re looking for call-to-the-dancefloor hooks or funky phrases to add some spice to your track!

‘70s Sound with Classic Party Anthem

Retro Funk Vocals is all about that late ’70s sound and lyrical phrasing. With classic party anthem calls to the dancefloor such as “Hot Wire, Give It To Me, Get Down, Bumpin’ and Takin’ It Higher”, this essential funk vocal pack is packed with upbeat, hip-shakin’, booty-movin’ highly usable vocal phrases that will enhance and elevate your productions. If you’re looking to add a little funky-spice to your tracks, Retro Funk Vocals is the perfect solution.

2200+ loops, Retro Funk Vocals

If you’re looking for that classic funk sound, then look no further than Retro Funk Vocals Vol 1. With over 2200 loops, this pack provides a huge variety of tempos and keys to choose from. Each vocal part has been expertly crafted and processed through ’70s era vocal FX to give you that authentic funk sound.

This pack is also highly flexible and usable, so you’ll be able to find the perfect loop for your track time and time again. Whether you’re a fan of classic funk or just looking for something new, Retro Funk Vocals is definitely worth checking out.

Performed by Selena Evangeline

Selena Evangeline’s transfers Retro Funk Vocals is a danceable collection of six fun and sassy songs. The main vocal phrases are catchy and easy to sing along with, and the Harmony parts add an extra layer of fun.

The 40 single-line phrases are perfect for those times when you just want to groove to the music. Whether you’re looking for a party starter or a laid-back cool-down, this librtary has something for everyone. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to have some fun!

About Selena Evangeline

Selena Evangeline is, without question, a world-class singer. The sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, Prince, and Stevie Wonder helped shape the musician she is today. As a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, her songs are musical snapshots of real-life and the emotions, of a real woman.

Those “snapshots” helped to win her an Ontario Independent Music Award for Best Urban, Barrie New Music Award as well as an honorable mention in the John Lennon Song Writing Competition. Her debut album “This Girl’s Life” was featured on CTV’s “Da Kink In My Hair” and her single “Lifesong” received heavy rotation on Canadian airwaves with MuchVibe and MTV1

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Retro Funk Vocals 2200+ Hip-Shakin’ Vocal Loops for Dancefloor Anthems 3

Protocol for Crediting

Please note, when releasing any production featuring this collection for public release, please use the following protocol for crediting:

You may not say your production features Selena Evangeline (As a collaborator, guest artist, co-writer or other) If you wish to credit Selena Evangeline on your production, please make it clear your production is using the “Retro Funk Vocals Sample Collection” only.

Looking to add a touch of vintage soul to your tracks? Retro Funk Vocals is here to help. This library features raw loops without any processing or FX, emulating the dusty sound of old vinyl that always sounds good. With 2234 loops at your disposal, you can create anything from classic soul tracks to modern funk jams. And for even more authenticity, we’ve included 4 and 5-part harmony vocals as well as solo vocal phrases. So get ready to add some retro vibes to your music!

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