If you’re looking for a little inspiration, look no further than the Cinematic Moments Vol. 02, Inspirational Box. This unique tool is designed to help you write music and is easy to use. Simply drag and drop MIDI files into your DAW and use them with any of your favorite sample libraries. With the Inspirational Box, you’ll have everything you need to create something unique.

Cinematic Moments Vol. 02

If you’re ever feeling stuck creatively, consider reaching for Cinematic Moments Vol. 02. This inspirational box is filled with a collection of passionate, beautiful, and romantic cinematic moments that will jumpstart your creativity.

From the stirring opening scene to a heart-wrenching finale, Cinematic Moments Vol. 02 is guaranteed to provide the perfect dose of film-inspired motivation. So next time you need a little creative inspiration, be sure to give this box a try. It just might be the jumpstart you need to get your ideas flowing again.

MIDI files are the ultimate production secret weapon. Simply drag and drop a MIDI file into your session or template, and you’re ready to rumble. You can use any DAW and sample library, and the flexible MIDI files allow you to change tempo, key, and every note on the fly. Plus, you can audition every track with the preview mp3s. And yes – you can use the MIDI arrangements in your commercial work. So what are you waiting for? Get creative and make some music!

Cinematic Moments Vol. 02 is available now.