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Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples: An Original 1628 Andreas Ruckers Instrument




Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples

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The Dutch Harpsichord library offers an original harpsichord by Andreas Ruckers built in 1628. This beautiful instrument was sampled with 6 register combinations, including the upper 8′, lower 8′ (principal 8′), tutti, both 8′ together, the 4′ registers as well as the lute stop. The two manuals and many registers make this harpsichord a unique sound source for your music productions!

Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples 1
Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples

The Ruckers harpsichord is a historic instrument with a beautiful, lived-in sound. Unlike modern digital keyboards, each key on a Ruckers harpsichord doesn’t produce the same note every time it’s played. Instead, the sound of each letter is affected by the resonances of the body and strings. This gives the instrument the richness and depth that digital keyboards lack. To capture this unique sound, real samples recorded the registers with up to 8 variations of each note.

Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples

The Dutch Harpsichord library is home to an original harpsichord by Andreas Ruckers, built-in 1628. This unique instrument features two manuals and a variety of registers, allowing for a wide range of sounds. The library has sampled the harpsichord with six different register combinations, including the upper 8′, lower 8′ (principal 8′), tutti, both 8′ together, the 4′ registers, and the lute stop. These samples provide a detailed and authentic representation of the Ruckers harpsichord, making it an invaluable tool for researchers and musicians alike.

Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples 1200x627 1
Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples

The instruments of the Ruckers family

The Ruckers family of harpsichord makers was based in Antwerp, Belgium in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Ruckers was the most famous and successful family of harpsichord makers of their time, and their instruments are highly prized by collectors and performers today.

The Rucker’s instruments are characterized by their full, rich sound, which was highly sought-after by musicians of the time. In addition to their beautiful sound, the Rucker’s instruments are also notable for their finely crafted cabinets and elaborate decoration. The Ruckers family’s success in creating such exquisite instruments helped to establish the city of Antwerp as a leading center of music and instrument making.

The Ruckers harpsichord is a well-known and highly respected instrument among musicians. Its unique sound is the result of its design and construction and the materials used. The strings are made of gut, which produces a clear, pure tone. The body is made of wood, which gives the instrument a warm, resonant sound.

And the keyboard is made of ivory, which gives the instrument a rich, full sound. Each of these elements contributes to the instrument’s overall sound, creating a truly unique device.

Media Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples
Dutch Harpsichord by Realsamples

It Contains Nearly 3.700 Single Samples

The sample library contains nearly 3.700 single samples. The instrument was recorded in its original tuning at 372 Hz. Presets for Kontakt® (full version required) are included.

Recorded in The Hasselburg Estate sounding Rooms

Nestled in the picturesque Hasselburg valley, the estate has been home to generations of the von Hasselburg family. For centuries, the family has been renowned for their passion for music, and the estate has played host to some of the most celebrated musicians in history. In recent years, the estate has been opened up to recording artists from all over the world, and it is now considered one of the finest recording studios in Europe.

The studio is equipped with a world-class collection of microphones and preamps, and the room’s acoustics are simply unparalleled. We are proud to offer our recordings of Hasselburg at the resolution of your choice. Whether you’re a professional musician or a casual listener, we hope you’ll enjoy these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them. Thank you for listening.

The keyboard of a harpsichord is plucked by quills, which are plucked by the player’s fingers. There are usually two rows of quills, one for the white keys and one for the black keys. The strings are plucked by the quills when the player presses a key. The sound of the harpsichord is like a plucked string instrument, but it is much louder than a guitar or lute. The harpsichord was famous in Europe from about 1400 to 1800. It was used in many different kinds of music, including Baroque music. Today, the harpsichord is not as famous as it once was, but it is still used in some types of music.

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