Wreckage MODWHEEL’s New Sample Library: Long, Loud, Grainy Single Events

  • By: Jana
  • Date: Monday, 5 September 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Do you need some big, nasty sounds for your next production? Look no further than Wreckage MODWHEEL’s new sample library. This collection of long, loud, grainy single events will give your music the edge it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful explosion or a thunderous impact, these sounds will do the trick. So download Wreckage MODWHEEL’s new sample library today and add some serious sonic firepower to your arsenal!

WRECKAGE Loud Sounds in a Large Space 

Wreckage is a sample library for Kontakt that captures the sound of loud noises in large spaces. MODWHEEL’s latest performance was something to remember. They set up a valve amp in the middle of the room, cranked it up and plugged in a Fender Precision Bass, mod wheels Korg Polysix synth, and bowed double bass, and played some significant single events with a very long sustain.

The sound was truly incredible. While MODWHEEL was at it, they also hit some prominent percussion, timpani, snare, and bass drums. It was a fantastic performance, and everyone in the audience was blown away. We can’t wait to see what MODWHEEL does next!

Modwheel new Kontakt Library

Modwheel constantly explores new ways to create exciting and unique sounds, and the Stella Maris Chapel proved to be a goldmine of possibilities.

The resonant acoustics of the space allowed us to experiment with different textures and timbres, and Modwheel quickly filled up their hard drives with hours of recordings. sifting through the material, Modwheel selected the most compelling sounds and began working them into musical sketches for their next Kontakt Library. The result is a Kontakt Library that is truly a product of Stella Maris Chapel’s environment.


The WRECKAGE core library is unrivaled in terms of quality and brutality. It comes with four different patches, each with its own unique sonic character. The three different mic positions allow you to get the perfect sound for your productions.

The scatterbox feature syncs your IRs with the mod wheel, so you can easily create sounds. The tuning knob allows you to pitch the single events wherever needed, making it easy to create the perfect soundscape for your tracks.

Free for A Limited Time

It was a lot of fun to make, and for a limited time, MODWHEEL has decided to make WRECKAGE free to download.

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