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ARTEFACT: A Toolkit of Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Exotic Sonic Journeys




Ambient Pads Motions and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys poster

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If you are looking for sonic textures and sounds to take your music production to the next level, look no further than ARTEFACT. This incredible toolkit features ambient pads, motions, and textures that will add an exotic feel to your tracks. Whether you are creating ambient music or want to add a new dimension to your soundscape, ARTEFACT has you covered. With over 100 presets and sequences to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect sonic texture for your project.

ARTEFACT by Dark Intervals

ARTEFACT Ambient Cinematic Toolkit, This toolkit is based on ambient pads, ambient motions, and various sequences and textures and is designed to provide an ambient bed for different sonic journeys. The sounds are less synth-sounding than Dark Interval’s previous pad instruments, and we believe they will provide a more immersive and exotic experience for our users.

Ambient Pads Motions and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys
Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journeys

Create an Atmosphere that Aids the Viewer Connect with The Story

The score sets the tone in any film and creates an atmosphere that helps the viewer connect with the story. For a composer, finding the right sound can be essential to conveying the emotion of a scene. Ambient pads are a type of synthesized sound that can be used to create a sense of space and an ethereal feeling.

They can add just the right touch to a film score when used sparingly. Pads can be used to accentuate a particular moment or to provide a backdrop for an entire scene. Because they are so versatile, ambient pads have become a staple in many film scores. Whether you’re looking for something eerie or otherworldly, pads can help create the perfect atmosphere for your next film score.

There’s something about ambient pads that are just so ethereal and beautiful. They have a way of enveloping you in their soundscape and taking you to another place entirely. Whether you’re looking to create an exotic sonic journey or just want to relax and meditate, ambient pads are the perfect toolkit. Ambient pads provide the ideal foundation for your sonic exploration with their wide range of sounds, from synth-like pads to more organic textures. And with ARTEFACT, Dark Intervals has created the ideal toolkit for all your ambient needs. With its vast library of sounds and sequences, ARTEFACT a AMBIENT CINEMATIC TOOLKIT is the perfect toolkit for anyone looking to create beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring music.

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Ambient Pads, Motions, and Textures for Your Next Exotic Sonic Journey

Ambient Cinematic Toolkit

The ambient cinematic toolkit is the perfect solution for any composer or trailer producer looking to add some Hollywood polish to their tracks. The collection of sounds is designed to provide an expansive sonic palette, with everything from eerie atmos to massive hits. Veteran sound designers produced the library, which features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the perfect sound for any scene.

All sounds were created using various hardware and software synthesisers, and they have been carefully processed to create a wide range of ambiences. From dark and brooding to light and airy, this toolkit has everything you need to create stunning cinematic soundscapes.

Whether scoring a horror film or a romantic comedy, the ARTEFACT by Dark Intervals has what you need to take your tracks to the next level.

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