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AMBIENTILICIOUS: 6-in-1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier




AMBIENTILICIOUS 6 in 1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier

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Looking to add some excitement and new textures to your ambient, cinematic or underscore music? Look no further than the AMBIENTILICIOUS Bundle by Audiofier. This bundle features 6 products, 3 from Audiofier’s Ambient Series: AetherArp, Venkatt & Ekorain, and 3 from the Randomisers family: Abstrung, Aerkord, and Vesper. These instruments are perfect for adding unique sounds and richness to your music. In addition, this bundle is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss out!

AMBIENTILICIOUS Bundle by Audiofier

The AMBIENTILICIOUS bundle will transport you to another world with its captivating collection of sounds. Abstrung, Aerkord and Vesper from the Randomisers family will put you in a trance with their ethereal melodies. At the same time, the Ambient Series’ AetherArp, Venkatt and Ekorain will envelop you in a blanket of sound. With this bundle, you’ll be able to create sonic landscapes that are out of this world!

The Ambient Series from Audiofier is a truly unique collection of instruments. It features sounds and engines that are not only creative and imaginative but also produce sounds that are entirely new and unheard of. With this series, Audiofier has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with sound design, and the results are truly spectacular. The Ambient Series is worth checking out if you’re looking for something new and exciting.

AMBIENTILICIOUS 6 in 1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier 1200X627
AMBIENTILICIOUS 6-in-1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier

Randomisers Engine

The Randomisers Series’ 1.2 engine is a powerful tool for creating unique sounds. It features two multisample, 3 Round Robins Sound Sources, a Twin Step Sequencer, an Arpeggiator, Step Effects, Trails Layer, a Sequence Midi Drag & Drop function, a Crystal Generator, and the trademark intelligent Randomisation function, which allows generating fresh and valuable sounds every time.

The included recordings of real, modeled, synthesized, and designed instruments create an original palette of inspiring sounds for electronic and organic music creators. Whether you’re looking for your next hit or just some new inspiration, the Randomisers Series’ 1.2 engine is sure to deliver.

The ability to generate complex soundscapes quickly and efficiently in today’s music landscape is more important than ever. Enter the Ambient Series instruments from Audiofier.

With just a few clicks, these powerful tools allow you to create sophisticated soundscapes that would otherwise require a lengthy signal chain and multiple sound sources. So whether you’re looking to add some atmosphere to your tracks or simply want to save time in the studio, the Ambient Series has you covered. Check them out today and see how they can take your music to the next level.

Composing Ambient, Cinematic, Generative, Underscore Music

There are many different types of music, but at its core, all music is meant to evoke some sort of emotion in the listener. Some genres are more likely to provoke specific emotions than others. For example, Punk rock is often used to generate anger or rebellion, while Classical music is more likely to inspire feelings of calm and reflection. However, there are also genres of music that are designed to be background noise rather than the focus of attention.

These genres include Ambient, Cinematic, Generative, and Underscore themes.

  • Ambient music is usually slow and minimalistic, designed to create a sense of space and atmosphere.
  • Cinematic music is often used in film and television, and its goal is to create an emotional reaction in the viewer that enhances the visuals.
  • Generative music is created using algorithms and often has a hypnotic or meditative quality.
  • Underscore music is similar to background music in a video game; it’s meant to be unobtrusive and set the tone for the action on-screen.

All of these genres have distinct capabilities and uses, but they all share the goal of creating an emotional reaction in the listener. Whether you’re looking to headbang or just relax, there’s a type of music that will fit your needs.

AMBIENTILICIOUS Bundle by Audiofier Content

Audiofier’s Ambient Series (AetherArp, Venkatt & Ekorain) and the Randomisers family (Abstrung, Aerkord, Vesper) are among the six unique products in this bundle.


Ekorain adds beauty and odd notes to your tunes, creating ornaments. CC may be used to make these EKOS sound like a choir of delicate raindrops or a torrential cascade of musical beauty, depending on the speed and duration.

AETHERARP – Ambient & Cinematic Soundscapes Generator

A 4 Sound Engines and Cloud Arpeggiator library for Kontakt 5.8.1 offers evolving soundscapes, overtime mutating sounds, and ethereal/out-worldly moods that add movement and unpredictability to your ambient productions and film scores.


Venkatt – Ambient Machine offers 4 sound layers with unique features: The Attack layer includes only Transient sounds. The Attack layer consists of solely transient sounds, while the other three layers include special features.

The Sustain Layer contains only sounds that don’t have an attack. However, when you mix this layer with the other two layers, you are actually combining two distinct instruments to create a brand new instrument. For example, a sound could have the attack of a zither and the body of a voice.


Vespers – Bells & Twinkly Things – contains a range of mallets, bells, metals, among other things. The categories include organic true instruments, digital and analog instrument samples, synthesized, spacey sounds created by synthesis.


Aerkord’s instrument library features a selection of bowed stringed instruments like the Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass, as well as ethnic bowed guitars and woodwinds. The different categories of sounds include natural instrument samples, granulised recordings, ambient noise footage , designed audio files ,and spacey sound effects.


A variety of stringed instruments, including GuZheng, Mandolin, Pipa, American Zither, Hammered Dulcimer, Kantele, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic grand pianos and upright and prepared pianos are included in this collection. Organic real instruments samples, modeled, synthesized, constructed, and spacey sounds are among the sound types.

AMBIENTILICIOUS 6 in 1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier 1
AMBIENTILICIOUS 6-in-1 Bundle of Exciting Ambient Sounds from Audiofier


There’s something about the sound of a theremin that just screams “otherworldly.” And while these instruments are often associated with Ambient, Cinematic, and Generative music genres, they can also add an element of mystery to more contemporary pieces. With their eerie, ethereal tones, theremins can create rich soundscapes perfect for underscoring suspenseful scenes or exploring the new musical territory. So whether you’re looking to score the next horror flick or add some unusual textures to your latest composition, be sure to try the bundle.

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