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Aurora Pt. 2 to Create Ambient Soundscapes for Your Score




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When it comes to creating soundscapes, there’s no better way than using software synths like the Arturia Pigments. With Aurora Pt. 2 from Tom Wolfe, you can dive into a world of lush and cinematic ambiance.

Tom Wolfes Aurora Pt2
Tom Wolfe’s Aurora Pt2

Brimming with long, evolving textures full of light movement, this soundbank oozes gorgeous cinematic ambiance. You’ll explore the depths of the cinema with nearly 100 brand new textural presets that use Pigments granular engine to create luscious glimpses into the past.

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Aurora Pt. 2

For those who appreciate the rich and evocative sound of a cinematic score, Aurora Pt. 2 is an absolute must-have. Tom’s Pt. 2 pack features over 100 intricately-created textures that perfectly capture the filmic experience’s essence. The perfect companion for your next project, these preset will help you create stunning atmospheric layers that will melt away any fears or distractions in your work environment.

Aurora Pt. 2 to Create Ambient Soundscapes for Your Score
Aurora Pt. 2 to Create Ambient Soundscapes for Your Score

Aurora Pt. 2 brings cinema-quality sounds to your DAW in minutes without resorting to third-party software or plug-ins with its easy-to-use interface and granular engine. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Create Soundscapes

You will need a few things to create soundscapes, including music software for synthesizers and digital audio recording devices. Soundscapes can be used in movies, video games, advertising campaigns, interactive media projects, or even recorded as separate pieces of audio content for use on your website or radio show.

To begin creating your soundscape, it is essential to come up with an idea about what you want the finished product to sound like. This may involve brainstorming ideas with other team members or reviewing various references before settling on a final concept. After you have a general idea of how you want the soundtrack to look and sound, start mapping out the individual tracks by drafting rough sketches or jotting down notes about tempo ranges and key elements. Once all the basics are in place (or if there are any changes), get started recording!

Electronic editing software such as Cubase or Ableton can help tweak minor details after recordings have been made while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process. Be sure to experiment with different sounds and moods until everything feels right – ultimately, it’s essential that listeners feel immersed in what they’re hearing.

If this sound too complicated, Aurora Pt. 2 is a perfect choice for your project, then Tom Wolfe can help get you started. Aurora Pt. 2 is available now for the introductory price of 14.99 (regularly £24.99), and Aurora Collection is available for £29.99 (regularly £39.99). This Offers end on 19th October 2022. 

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