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Built an Analog Synth from 1979!




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David Hilowitz bought a 1979 analog synthesizer kit (MINI GAN PET-103). In his video, David constructed the synth and discovered how it sounds.

MINI GAN PET-10 Analog Synth

The MINI GAN PET-10 Analog Synth is a great choice for those looking to create electronic music. It has 64 built-in sounds that can be layered together to produce unique compositions. So if you’re passionate about making music and want an authentic analog synth experience, the MINI GAN PET-10 Analog Synth would be an excellent option! If you get on, they may be difficult to locate.

Why an Old Analog Synth

Analog synths are often considered classic synthesizers, and there is a good reason for that. They offer an authentic sound that digital instruments cannot replicate. In addition, analog synths can create a much wider range of sounds than digital ones, which makes them more versatile for creating various types of music.

Some of the key benefits of using an analog synth include richer tones due to their excellent dynamic range, better acoustic modeling ability; improved response time; and reduced noise levels compared to digital synths. Plus, they look fabulous!

MINI GAN PET-10 Library

The sample library David Hilowit made in this video can be found on David’s Patreon:

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