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EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects – Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds




EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds

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Create immersive audio experiences with ready-to-go samples: Signature Sounds, Hits, Booms, Whooshes, Whoosh Hits, Braaams, Pings, Downers, Drones, Risers, Pulses, and more.

Eminence is a collection of royalty-free trailer sound effects by AVA Music Group. The product is inspired by the sounds of the biggest blockbusters of 2019 and 2020. The repertoire includes 7 Kontakt Instruments with different categories of sounds, each of which is available in several variations. The product can be used for trailer-related projects, including video games and films.

Trailer Sound Effects

Trailer sound effects are one of the most important aspects of a trailer. They set the tone and atmosphere for the trailer and can make or break it. A good trailer will have various sound effects to create an immersive experience. These sound effects include footsteps, background ambiance, and character dialogue.

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects Signature
EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects

On the other hand, bad trailers often have sound effects that are either poorly done or entirely out of place. This can ruin the trailer and leave viewers disappointed or angry.

Trailer sound effects are the perfect way to add a little excitement to your movie trailer, video production, or presentation. Trailer sound effects are high quality and professionally recorded. They’re also royalty-free, so you can use them in any project without worrying about paying extra fees.

When done right, trailer sound effects can be truly impactful and add a lot to the experience. So if you’re working on a trailer, put some thought into the sound design!

EMINENCE is a Virtual Kontakt Instrument

EMINENCE is a virtual instrument for the modern movie composer. Create your own aggressive and assertive audio productions with unique signature sounds.

With EMINENCE, you can create your signature sound by combining various sounds from dozens of customizable multi-sampled instruments. You can even use your samples to create new sounds!

Get that aggressive sound that makes your audience sit up and listen.

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds1200X627
EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects – Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds

Supercharge your Trailer Productions

Professional trailer sound effects can still grab your audience’s attention in a world where the average attention span is equivalent to a 10-year-old high on sugar. Trailers are essential to marketing and advertising in a competitive industry where every decision is focus-tested to make the most money.

Trailer sound effects are unique because they must be creative while still relatable. These sound effects capture the audience’s interest and help them get excited about what they will see.

Trailer sound effects are often used in movies, TV shows, commercials, and other media that need to draw people in quickly. The right kind of trailer sound effects can help create an emotional connection with your audience before they even see what it is you’re selling or promoting.

250+ Modern Trailer Sounds

You’re not a real trailer editor until you have the right sound.

EMINENCE got 250+ modern trailer sounds, ready to be used in your next project. From signature sounds, hits, booms, and whooshes to drones, booms, rolls, and pings downers, drones, and drum kits—you name it—AVA MUSIC GROUP got you covered. And that’s just the beginning! The library also includes riffs, pulses, and drum loops to get creative with your custom soundtracks.

With 250+ modern trailer sounds at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can do!

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects
EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects

Effective User Interface

When you want to be heard, you need to be heard. EMINENCE features advanced audio functions that let you transform your sounds in seconds.

AVA MUSIC GROUP knows how important it is to have an interface that’s easy to use and understand, so they made sure EMINENCE is simple and intuitive. Just turn the big knob to hear the power of our algorithm shape your sounds. The advanced audio functions let you transform your sounds in seconds—you’ll feel like a sound-shaping pro after just one session!

Only the Essentials

You only need the essentials, and that’s what AVA MUSIC GROUP is here for.

AVA MUSIC GROUP specializes in making unique signature sounds designed by industry-leading sound designers. They focus on quality vs. quantity so you can differentiate your productions with sounds that are truly unique to your brand.

EMINENCE Trailer Sound Effects Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds 970x250 1
EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects – Create Immersive Audio Experiences With Signature Sounds

EMINENCE | Trailer Sound Effects

Eminence is the most potent sound library to date. It features 250+ samples, including signature sounds, hits, booms, whooshes, whoosh hits, braaams, pings, downers, and more. The 7 Kontakt instruments and four stereo loop banks give you thousands of ways to make your music stand out!

Powerful tools like the “Big Knob” let you take control over all aspects of your sounds so that you can make them sound just right with the audio algorithm included. With recordings at 48kHz | 24bit and full royalty-free rights, Eminence is your go-to library when creating dramatic sci-fi soundscapes or any genre for that matter!

Eminence Trailer Sound Effects requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher.


Trailer sound effects are one of the most important aspects of a trailer. They can set the trailer’s mood and tone and help create a sense of suspense or drama. They can also be used to develop a sense of humor or light-heartedness.

Various sound effects can be used in trailers, which will depend on the type of trailer being made. For example, suspenseful trailers may use spooky music and sound effects, while comedy trailers may use more light-hearted and whimsical sounds.

No matter what type of trailer you’re making, choosing the proper sound effects is essential to creating an effective and impactful trailer. With the help of a skilled sound designer, you can craft a trailer that will stay with viewers long after they’ve seen it.

EMINENCE has been designed to make your life easier by getting excellent and professional sounds right out of the box. Just load the library into your favorite sampler, tweak the Custom Controls, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can achieve the right sound you’ve been looking for. Our producers are proud of what they put together and trust you’ll have fun with it too.

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