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How Hammers + Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of Creativity




How Hammers Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of Creativity

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It’s no secret that a great-sounding keyboard sample library can make all the difference in your music production. But with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’re here to tell you about Hammers + Waves, the keyboard sample library that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Every single note for each instrument was recorded at 16 velocity levels using top-notch microphones and preamps. And to top it all off, the developer used their robotic automation system to play each key of the instruments at the 16 velocity levels. Not to mention, Hammers + Waves comes with various types of modulation, granular synthesis, and other quality built-in effects to shape the tones in nearly any way you’d like.

Hammers Waves – Acoustic UX Upright Presets
How Hammers + Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of Creativity 9

Spark Your Creativity

As any musician knows, creativity is essential to making great music. But sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with fresh ideas. If you’re feeling stuck, try adding a touch of fire to your tracks. If you’re looking to add a new level of creativity to your music production, look no further than Hammers + Waves.

This innovative new library from Skybox Audio features acoustic sounds captured by robotic automation, allowing unparalleled precision and detail. With an elevated playback engine with sound-shaping tools that inspire endlessly, this library is perfect for producers of all skill levels.

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How Hammers + Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of Creativity

Sonic Shaping

As any musician knows, the right tone can make all the difference in performance. A good style can highlight the beauty of a melody, while a bad one can make even the most talented musician sound listless and uninspired. With the advent of digital technology, there are more ways than ever to shape the perfect tone. From simple EQs to complex multi-effects processors, today’s musical tools offer a wealth of possibilities for creative tone shaping. And with the ability to store and recall settings on modern devices, it’s easier than ever to find that perfect sound.

The Hammers + Waves engine is the most delinquent innovation in sound synthesis, and it offers a vast array of new possibilities for tone shaping. From extreme timbre shifting to profound granular synthesis, this engine provides immense flexibility for creative sound design. The workflow is highly intuitive and easy to use, making it a breeze to create complex and realistic sounds. Whether you’re looking to add depth and realism to your music or create wholly new and unique sounds, Hammers + Waves is the perfect tool for the job.

Hammers + Waves – Acoustic Instant Inspiration

Inspiration is a funny thing. It’s often fleeting, and it can be tough to capture. But when you finally hit that sweet spot of inspiration, it’s like nothing else in the world. The sound just draws you in and pulls you under its spell. Skybox Audio wants to give you that feeling of instant inspiration, of being pulled into the music and compelled to create. Skybox Audio intends to deliver that feeling directly through your speakers. So whether you’re looking for mellow tunes to help you study or hard-hitting tracks to get your blood pumping, I hope you’ll try Hammers + Waves – Acoustic. Who knows, maybe we’ll be the spark that ignites your next great idea.

If you’re looking for instant inspiration, look no further than Hammers + Waves. Skybox Audio went above and beyond to capture the most precise samples possible. But Hammers + Waves – Acoustic isn’t just another deep sampled piano. The jaw-dropping presets included with every collection were meticulously created by the world’s most in-demand sound designers and producers. So whether you’re looking for a warm pad to thicken your soundscape or a bright lead cutting through the mix, Hammers + Waves has you covered.

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How Hammers + Waves – Acoustic

Hammers + Waves – Acoustic

Hammers + Waves – Acoustic is the top piano sample library, packed with over 16,000 high-quality samples. This library has everything from velocities and release samples to hammer return and sympathetic resonance samples. You can even choose between two different mic positions for ultimate flexibility. And with 150 meta-tagged presets, it’s easy to find just the right sound for your music, whether a beginner or a professional. Hammers + Waves – Acoustic is compatible with all DAWs and easy to use.


The piano collection I’m selling includes a 7’ conservatory grand, 52” upright piano, and vintage pianette. Plus, an abundance of effects and sound-sculpting tools are included.

Modern Grand

The Yamaha C6 Conservatory piano was selected for the Modern Grand due to its beautiful, balanced tone. This model sounded great when played alone and also held its own when accompanied by other instruments.

UX Upright

Studios worldwide rely on 52″ upright pianos like this one for a rich, full sound. This model Skybox Audio sampled has extra radial bracing that provides an even richer sound. Skybox Audio loves the character and exceptionally even responds to this beautiful instrument.

Relic Upright

Skybox Audio may never know how this 1890 Schaff Brothers “Tom Thumb” piano left the factory in Huntington, Indiana, and ended up in Venice, California. But what Skybox Audio does know is that it emits some great vibes! We picked this instrument purely because of its fantastic personality.

Deep Granular Synthesis Engine

The world’s first Deep Granular Synthesis Engine, SWARM, gives you the power to generate modern, unique textures. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, imagine taking the sounds of a freight train and manipulating them into something that feels organic and new – that’s the kind of thing you can do with SWARM.

Whether you want to create beautifully cinematic atmospheres or grinding chaotic drones, this cutting-edge tool will inspire you. So go ahead and make some noise – with SWARM, the sky’s the limit.

F R A C T A L S – Fractals the Anarpeggiation Engine

The FRACTALS motion/arpeggiation engine is perfect for creating organic, musical rhythms. With its flexible feature set and innovative design, it is ideally suited for use with acoustic keyboard instruments.

The engine provides many rhythmic possibilities, from simple patterns to complex arpeggios. In addition, it offers various tempos and timing options, making it easy to create customized rhythms that fit your music. Whether you are looking for a new way to add interest to your playing or simply want to explore the world of arpeggiated rhythm, the FRACTALS motion/arpeggiation engine is a must-have tool.

(Skybox Audio | Hammers + Waves – Acoustic: Deep Dive and Walkthrough)

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Launched in Los Angeles in 2021, skybox Audio uses cutting-edge automation and robotics to build forward-thinking, professional-grade sample libraries and virtual instruments. The team strives to strike a balance between power and simplicity, motivated by modern sounds and methods, while keeping the focus on creative purity.

How Hammers Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of
How Hammers + Waves – Acoustic Will Help You Achieve a New Level of Creativity

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