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Generation Loss by Chase Bliss: An Instant Nostalgia Machine




GenerationLossMKII Pedal ChaseBliss

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Some of the different forms of tape that are studied in Generation Loss MKII include VCRs, camcorders, and cassette decks.

Generation Loss MKII is the first stereo pedal in our classic format. Stereo in and out, mono in stereo out, and a unique Spread option that uses the Failure knob to create a malfunctioning stereo image.

About Chase Bliss

Chase Bliss is a group of pedal makers in Minneapolis. Chase Bliss’s first pedal, Warped Vinyl, was an analog vibrato with a digital brain. The idea was to match the quality and character of analog processing with the anything-goes flexibility of digital control. Chase Bliss also makes digital circuits, but the approach is the same: Offer new and deeply personal ways to interact with effects.

The sample library I made in this video is called Lossy Algorithms. It can be found here:

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