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The Guitar God Called, and Stingray Instruments Answered – Introducing the Majesty Soundpack for Omnisphere 2





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What if you could take the sounds of vaporizing concentrates and make them into a melody or rhythm? At Stingray Instruments, they like to find creative ways to let off steam.

At Stingray Instruments, they take their music very seriously. Stingray Instruments actively encourage rocking out during their board meetings. It helps Stingray Instruments decide what direction to go in! Stingray Instruments’ latest product, the Majesty for Omnisphere 2, results from hours of intense rocking.

Rocking on Board Meetings

Stingray Instruments believe that rocking out is the best way to make crucial decisions. They find that when Stingray Instruments are shredded on their guitars, they can think more creatively and develop new ideas. Plus, it’s just a lot of fun!

After a 37-minute rendition of “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” Stingray Instruments noticed one of their guitars didn’t want to stop. It played itself like a magical force, relentless yet beautiful. Like a calling from the Omnisphere gods, it gave them a spiffing idea. That guitar was an Ernie Ball Majesty, so Stingray Instruments created this sound pack, Majesty. The collection contains over 500 sounds carefully crafted to explore the possibilities of what this fantastic instrument is capable of. From aggressive staccato picking to beautiful sustains, this Omnisphere soundset has it all.

Cinematic Scores, Crime, Drama

Stingray Instruments knows that when it comes to creating an emotionally charged cinematic experience, there is no better tool than the majesty of the electric guitar. That’s why they’ve made the Majesty soundtrack for Omnisphere 2. With 120 lush cinematic sounds, you can create evocative and intense scores. From the dark and brooding to the triumphant and uplifting, this Omnisphere 2 soundset has everything you need to make your films stand out.

But the Majesty soundset isn’t just for film scoring. It’s also perfect for creating TV crime dramas, trailers, Ads, and intense action scenes. With its aggressive sounds and powerful rhythms, you can make music that will get your audience’s heart racing. So if you’re looking for a way to add extra excitement to your productions, then the Majesty sound is perfect.

Stingray Instruments – Majesty SE for Omnisphere 2

In the mood for some regal Expansion? Introducing Stingray Instruments – Majesty SE for Omnisphere 2, the Sonic Extension Edition, which requires, besides Omnisphere 2, the Undercurrent and Nylon Sky Sonic Extension. Stingray Instruments’ award-winning sound designers have crafted 64 brand-new patches, exploiting the full potential of the latest features in Omnisphere 2.8.3.

From classic analog polys to substantial evolving pads, bubbly arpeggios to distorted Leads, this soundset has it all. Majesty SE will transform your Omnisphere 2 into a potent sonic weapon fit for any producer in need of some fresh expansion content. So if you don’t have the Undercurrent and Nylon Sky Sonic Extension yet, please check out the regular Majesty soundset.

The Sonic Extension edition of Majesty for Omnisphere 2 is available, packed with even more guitar-centric goodness. With (additional) 120 new patches using the Undercurrent and Nylon Sky effects and samples, you’ll have plenty of new sounds to explore.

Requires Omnisphere 2.8.3

Stingray Instruments – Majesty for Omnisphere 2 requires Omnisphere 2.8.3. You know you’ll have access to the latest and greatest features and technologies. So if you’re ready to take your music production to the next level, check out Stingray Instruments’ Majesty for Omnisphere 2. You won’t be disappointed.

Stingray Instruments – Majesty for Omnisphere 2

If you are looking for the perfect guitar sound for your next film score, look no further than the new 120 cinematic guitar sounds sample pack. This pack covers the king and queen of electric guitars, based upon not only a Majesty but also an Ibanez JEM 7V.

And with Omnisphere 2 as your sound source, you’ll be able to create brilliant soundscapes that will take your audiences on a journey. This sample pack has everything from vintage Marshall JCM2000 tones to all-out Mooer craziness. So don’t wait any longer. Add the 120 cinematic guitar sounds sample pack to your arsenal today.

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