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DEADBOW: A New Approach to Horror Strings




DEADBOW A New Approach to Horror Strings

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SampleTraxx released DEADBOW their newest addition to the SampleTraxx organic sound effects series. A new horror strings library that takes string sounds to a new level. Sound designer Alessandro Romeo created this collection of WAV files and Kontakt instruments.

His raw, live recordings of cellos and violins have captured the essence of fear. From smooth and delicate sounds to aggressive and extreme mutations, this library has something for everyone looking to create horrifying soundscapes.

DEADBOW by SampleTraxx DBow Bow Chaotic Pass By
DEADBOW: A New Approach to Horror Strings 4

DEADBOW by SampleTraxx

DEADBOW is a premium sound collection from raw, live string recordings by sound designer Alessandro Romeo. The DEADBOW library features over 150 unique acoustic and electric bowed string sounds, perfect for creating suspenseful, eerie, and otherworldly atmospheres in your next project.

With an extensive range of timbres and textures, DEADBOW is an invaluable resource for film, TV, game, and VR/AR composers looking to add an extra dimension of realism to their music. So whether you’re scoring the next big horror film or working on a new VR game, check out DEADBOW – it might be the perfect missing ingredient in your next composition!

SampleTraxx’s newest sample library, DEADBOW, is a treasure trove of twisted and mangled string that sounds perfect for horror scores. The library features 400+ premium WAV sounds, ranging from smooth and delicate to aggressive and extreme.

Highlights include bowed cello hard and soft, cello and violin phrases and reverse, crescendos, tick tocks, designed violin stutters, screeches, plucks, jetèz, and a natural source folder with files at 96/24 resolution. Whether you’re looking for realistic or otherworldly string sounds, DEADBOW has you covered.

DEADBOW by SampleTraxx
DEADBOW: A New Approach to Horror Strings

DEADBOW Kontakt instrument

DEADBOW by SampleTraxx is the perfect sound design instrument for creating unique horror sound elements. The engine is straightforward to use, with 27 Instruments and 10 Multis to combine and create sonic signatures that are both classic and abrasive. The sounds are gritty and will add a new dimension to any horror project.

Whether you’re looking for traditional sounds or something new and innovative, DEADBOW is the perfect tool for the job. So don’t wait any longer; get your hands on DEADBOW and start creating the ideal horror soundscape today!

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