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Science can be challenging. Science is hard. There’s so much we don’t know, and we are constantly learning.

Even for the most committed students, keeping up with all the latest scientific developments can be challenging.

Galactica can help. This open-source AI is based on all of humanity’s scientific knowledge. You can be almost confident that the most recent research is always up to date. Galactica makes science accessible.

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Large Language Model of Scientific Knowledge

Galactica is a language model that can store and combine scientific knowledge. Galactica was trained from a large scientific corpus with reference material, papers, knowledge bases, and other sources. Galactica can provide accurate and current information on a broad range of subjects.

Galactica can also generate new ideas and hypotheses based on previously stored data. Galactica could help develop new drugs and find ways to increase agricultural productivity. Galactica is a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and science-focused machine learning.

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A Powerful Tool for Scientists and Researchers

The Galactica large language model (GAL) can organize science automatically. It is trained from a large and carefully curated corpus of human scientific knowledge. This includes more than 48 million papers, textbooks, lecture notes, millions of compounds and proteins, scientific websites, and many other resources.

Galactica’s corpus, according to developers, is high-quality, highly curated, and unlike existing language models that rely on an uncurated crawl-based paradigm. This allows for multiple training epochs. Although Galactica is still under development, it could be a powerful tool to scientists and researchers. It will only be time before it can live up to its hype.

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It Helps You Stay on Top of The Ocean of Papers

To assist researchers with information management, the Galactica large-language model is being trained using countless academic articles.

Meta AI created Galactica to assist researchers in navigating the growing number of papers. This is a major obstacle to scientific progress, according to the team. Researchers have difficulty deciding which pieces are worth reading.

Galactica was designed to aid scientists in sifting through scientific data. Our program has been based on 48 million papers, textbooks and lecture notes, millions of compounds, proteins, and information from websites, databases, and other sources from the “NatureBook”.

Galactica Language Models that Cite
Language Models that Cite


Dataset design is a complex process that requires tokenization. Different written media require different tokens. Protein sequences, for example, are built on amino acid residues. This is where character-based tokenization works best. The development team creates special tickets according to the project’s needs to use different tokens. Tokenization
Image: Galactica / Meta AI – Source: Galactica Paper

Galactica scores better than GPT-3 in technical knowledge tests, by 68.2% vs. 49.9%. Galactica also scores higher than the average when answering questions related to biology and medicine (PubMedQA, MedMCQA).

Galactica A Large Language Model for Science Table 10 Question Answering Results
Image: Galactica / Meta AI

Galactica Models Are Available on GitHub

Galactica’s artificial intelligence team has been hard at work. Five models have been trained, each with 125 million to 120 billion parameters. This is a lot of data! It seems to be paying off as Galactica’s performance improves with increasing scale.

This comes with a price: The team’s GitHub repo now contains many codes for various models. However, this is a small price for such excellent results. Galactica is a cutting-edge AI modeling tool that you can find on Github. You won’t regret it!


Galactica is the right language model if you are looking for a resource to help you solve scientific questions and find academic resources. This large language model is a powerful tool for research, having been trained with 48,000,000 papers, textbooks, lecture notes, and textbooks.

Galactica is also more efficient than large open-source language models that were trained using generic text data, and it’s less toxic. The research team has created a Galactica demo website and the language model in five sizes. Galactica is a great resource for research.

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