2CAudio Releases PBJ Spatial Mixing Environment, Precedence 1.5 & Breeze 2.5

PBJ Spatial Mixing Environment, Precedence 1.5 & Breeze 2.5 PBJ SUMMARY The PBJ Pack is a Spatial Mixing Environment that combines sublime psychoacoustic positioning and industry-leading algorithmic reverb into a unified and intelligently adaptive workflow. It introduces a unique system of multi-instance editing and inter-plugin communication that allows potentially hundreds of linked plug-in instances to function as…

Breeze2 1

Creating Depths with BREEZE2

Creating Depths with BREEZE2 Creating “acoustic depths” is especially needed for natural-sounding mixes of orchestras. You may want to place your instruments, as you can see in the picture above. Set Left and Right with the balance knob. But how does one “push” an instrument back or forward? This can be done by using a…

Precedence by 2CAudio and Breeze 2.1

2CAudio Breeze 2.1 Update

Breeze 2.1 offers some very significant improvements including P-Link Mode, Chameleon Color GUI System, Sub-Zero Suspend-On-Silence CPU-Saver, 3 New Filter Types for Damp and EQ, and more. Breeze 2.1 update connects with the new Precedence spatialization, and positioning plugin see our Precedence review here. See our Breeze 2 Review here if you want to learn more about the effect…

Precedence vy 2CAudio

Precedence spatialization and positioning plugin by 2CAudio review

Precedence by 2CAudio Review Precedence by 2CAudio combines sound spatialization and positioning. The effect plugin generates a self-modulating stereo-image for the sound that passes through. 2CAudio develops audio plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats. 2CAudio primary focus is on spatial processing, advanced creative effects, and other concepts. 2CAudio did send a review copy with no strings attached….

Kaleidoscope by 2CAudio Review Featured

Kaleidoscope by 2CAudio Review

Kaleidoscope by 2CAudio Review A trip that passes every drug test, that is a way to describe Kaleidoscope by 2CAudio. A more technical description would be: A filter that blows your mind and you may never understand how it works – you will love the results. As a professional that is making your living from designing sound…

Breeze2 Fereatured

Breeze 2 by 2CAudio Review

Breeze 2 is a universal product for anyone who is working in any form of music/audio production. It is a stereo delay/reverb plugin with an intuitive and easy to use interface. The plugin has two channels, each with its own independent set of controls for delay and reverb. The plugin also has a global wet/dry control,…

B2 by 2CAudio Featured

B2 by 2CAudio Review

B2 by 2CAudio Review Looking for reverb with excellent sound, natural to use and if needed an immense scope of control? How about two independent reverb engines plus a saturation and limiter unit? Need plenty of presets to get started? After this engaging introduction, you know what B2 by 2CAudio is capable of doing for you. 2CAudio develops audio plug-ins…