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Sienna – It’s a Kind of Headphone Mixing Magic by Acusticaudio

Sienna – headphone mixing magic Everyone is talking about mixing on headphones these days. But with so many different solutions on the market, how do you know which one is the best choice for your needs? Odds are that you have already tried some of these plugins, and were frustrated with their sound quality. This…

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Acustica Audio Launches new Green 4 Plugin Suite

Acustica Audio Green 4 Finally, after a long wait, Green 4 has landed and it now includes a 5-band Mono Parametric Equalizer, a 5-band True-Stereo Parametric Equalizer, a 5-band Stereo Parametric Mastering Equalizer and a Stereo Mastering limiter/compressor. Green4 emulates industry-standard, high-end processors found in recording studios across the globe, manufactured in the USA and…

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SAND3 suite

SAND3 is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in suite that reproduces the sonic behavior of a series of high-end British consoles which literally dominated the Pop and Rock scene from the ’80s onward. Sound engineers from all over the world swear by their forward, slightly ‘aggressive’ sound as well as their logical layout. With the SAND3 suite, Acustica…

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Acustica Audio Releases ACQUA – Erin

Acustica Audio Releases ACQUA – Erin Erin represents the state-of-the-art of the plugin suites dedicated to Mastering. This bundle, consisting of three different studio processors, embodies the luxury mastering equipment as manufactured by one of the most prestigious and appreciated designers in the world, who has been known since the early ’70s for his innovative…

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Gold3 – A Golden Legend by Acustica

Acustica’s Gold3 – 24K Sound in your DAW Gold3 reproduces the sonic behavior of an iconic, vintage British console celebrated for its unmistakable warmth and organic sound. All of its modules have been sampled from the original devices – most of them built during the 60s – and now extremely rare. Gold 3 expands on…

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Acustica Audio Launches Sand 3 a British Console Emulation Plugin

Sand 3 a high-end British Console Emulation SAND3 is the audio industry’s biggest, most complete, insanely powerful and true-to-the-originals plugin suite, created to give you the ultimate record-ready tone in the box. In addition to a fully replicated channel strip, SAND3 includes 3 EQ modules, a compressor inspired by 3 different British units, and a…

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Navy 2 by Acustica Audio – a Modern Dreamware Anthology

Thousands of records have inherited their “sound character” from the British gear Acustica Audio sampled for this incredible suite. You’re going to love Navy’s extensive limiting and compression capabilities, thanks to our faithful emulations of two cherished modern dynamic processors made in the UK: a 2254 reissue and a modern 33609 (an evolution of 2254 itself)….

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Cola – Acustica’s first AI Deep Learning Plugin

Acustica’s Cola has a new meaning = Classy. Vintage. British. The centerpiece of this plugin suite is a beautiful emulation of a rare vintage British console from 1972, used to shape the immortal sound of iconic albums by AC/DC, Queen, Clash, Sex Pistols and many more. Acustica’s emulation embodies the character and the performance of…

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Acustica Audio Honey3 is all about vintage American console sounds

Honey3 packs all the power and musicality of a world-class American console, highly regarded by many industry professionals for its musicality and logical layout. Since 1975, numerous top-selling records have been crafted on this marvelous piece of audio engineering, including gems like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, as well as many hits by AC/DC,…

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PINK2 by Acustica Audio Review

PINK2 by Acustica Audio Review Acustica Audio’s legacy version Pink has been highly appreciated by mixing engineers. As there is always room for improvement Acustica Audio released PINK2 which itself is a bundle of plugins. Acustica Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached. Installation PINK2 will be installed through the download and install manager developed by Acustica Audio….