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17 Essential Trailer Music Tips Composing a Movie Trailer

17 Essential Trailer Music Tips for Composing a Movie trailer The music industry for movie trailers is definitely a smaller community than most others, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frightening. You could be creating music for some of the biggest blockbusters and games of all time! The potential to have your work seen…

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“MONOCHROME” Premium Experimental Sonic Tools

Experimental Electronic meets Cinematic Sound Design Monochrome is a premium sound libraries for composers, sound designer and experimentalists fusing a rough electronic aesthetic with film and trailer sound design for a unique set of sonic tools. Heavily processed ambient field recordings, short and long build-ups and transition effects, hits, slams, abstract foley fx, a vast…

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Choirs in trailer music | Two Steps from Hell – Chaos Theory – Another day

Two Steps from Hell – Chaos Theory – Another day Let’s talk about Choirs in trailer music. In this video, I want to explain my method on how to implement choirs and come up with a dense arrangement in an already dense musical environment. As an example, I am using the track Another Day from…

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Elysion 1.1 – New Instruments & Themes, and Over 1.6 GB of New Sample Content

Elysion 1.1 Available Elysion is produced to expand the range of Sonuscore & Best Service library The Orchestra with hybrid sounds and the well-known Orchestra engine. “Elysion” was developed for Best Service by Sonuscore / Dynamedion, the makers of The Orchestra, Trinity Drums, and NI Action Strings, Action Strikes, and Emotive Strings. Elysion 1.1 update includes improvements and user-requested features as well as brand…

Virtual Drummer DEEP

UJAM Releases Virtual Drummer DEEP

UJAM Virtual Drummer DEEP UJAM launch DEEP, the fourth addition to their Virtual Drummer line. This virtual Neo Soul drummer is the perfect companion to Virtual Bassist DANDY, UJAM’s gentleman bassist. UJAM line-up of virtual instruments that strongly enables the producer to form new tracks and songs and composers to get the next trailer score,…

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UJAM Releases Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS

STRIIIINGS Evokes Emotions UJAM releases Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS – Modern String Ensemble Textures with a Sound Design Twist. A must buy for Film, Trailer and Ad Composer I did have the opportunity for some days to practice with Symphonic Elements STRIIIINGS and it is a charming library packed with absolutely perfectly recorded phrases, textures, and…

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TONSTURM Releases Sentient Frequencies

ESOTERIC METAL From dissonant drones to massive swells, “Sentient Frequencies” lets you experience the richness of performed instruments with sound fx in mind.  Roaring didgeridoos, whaling timpani’s – TONSTURM performed in stunning spaces using extended techniques on a huge variety of selected instruments: Space Cello, Grand Piano, Concert Harp, Huge Pipe Organ, Concert Timpani’s and Base-drums, Overtone Flute and a Double Bass.  Like with its predecessor “Esoteric Metal”, the spaces TONSTURM captures…

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Orchestral Tools’ Modus: Walkthrough Video

Walkthrough Video Hear the various instruments and sections and discover the tensions, transitions, continuums, and colors within Modus. Modus offers a toolset that will inspire new ideas, and help you implement them quickly.

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Building Your Personal Brand And Passive Income As An Audio Artist In 2020

Building Your Personal Brand And Passive Income As An Audio Artist In 2020 Live chat from March 2020 about building a personal brand as an audio artist, promoting yourself the right away on social networks and generating passive income.

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Cinetools Blockbuster Cinematic SFX Bundle

Blockbuster Cinematic SFX Bundle Cinetools launched a must-have “Blockbuster Cinematic SFX Bundle” (Affiliate Link) – a must-have collection of cutting-edge sound effects for filmmakers, sound designers, and producers. Featuring over 47GB of sounds including 5921 files whether you’re scoring movies, trailers, or just looking to add Hollywood style touch to your music productions, This bundle will…