AmpliTube MESABoogie® 2 Releases 4 New Amps and 5 Cabsikc L Mesa2 Amp California Tweed

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie® 2 Releases: 4 New Amps and 5 Cabs

IK Multimedia today announced the release of AmpliTube MESA/Boogie® 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to IK’s first MESA/Boogie offering. The new collection brings 4 new officially certified amps and 5 cabs to AmpliTube 5. Now users can complete their collection of full-throttle gear from the inventors of high-gain tone. IK has been investing a lot in…

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Two Notes Audio Engineering and Laney Amplification Join Forces to Release the “Laney Collection” DynIR Virtual Cabinets

Two Notes Audio Engineering and Laney Amplification have joined forces to release the “Laney Collection” DynIR Virtual Cabinets. The two companies are focused on providing musicians with high-quality, yet affordable gear that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost. This new product will provide a variety of different virtual cabinets designed to work specifically with the Two…

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I Built a Mic Preamp (DIYRE CP5)

In this video, I tackle my most ambitious electronics project to date: building a mic preamp. My vocal processing chain for this song was as follows: Rode M5 (matched pair) into 2 DIYRE CP5 Preamps with the CTX Colour module. On the software side, I used Waves CLA Vocals (mostly to add some reverb).

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Neural DSP Archetype Gojira – a little demo track

Neural DSP Archetype Gojira Neural DSP did it again, they recently released a new virtual guitar amp plugin. I decided to give it a shot and buy Archetype Gojira and boy, I got blown away that much that I instantly had to start working and finishing this little demo. Archetype: Gojira covers as vast a…

AmpliTube® 5 Takes a Quantum Leap Into the Future Main

AmpliTube 5 Updated to Version 5.0.1

AmpliTube 5 (ver 5.0.1) AmpliTube® 5 Version 5.0.1 is available now. You can install it via your IK Product Manager. AmpliTube 5 (ver 5.0.1) Release Notes Changes from version 5.0.0 General Fixed Several Audio Routing Problems related to the Standalone version Fixed an audio routing problem with inputs above the first and second interface channels…

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IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube® 5 – Ready for Download

AmpliTube® 5 is Available for Download AmpliTube® 5 – the acclaimed guitar and bass tone studio is now available for download. And a newly redesigned Custom Shop for AmpliTube, T-RackS, and SampleTank users. IK Multimedia’s leading amp and effects modeling software take a giant leap forward with the release of AmpliTube 5. Accurately capturing the sound,…

Heritage Audio 73 JR mkII 34 Left scaled

Heritage Audio Improves 500 Series 73-style mic Pre-Amp with 73JR II

3JRII The 2021 Update The 73JRII  is the 2021 update to the already classic 73JR, a true 73 style mic preamp in a single 500 series slot with some added features that will cover all the recording needs for engineers and musicians that don´t find the need to track with eq. European pro audio manufacturer Heritage…

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Linda RockStack – “Balance on the edge – the key to a great guitar tone”

3-Channel Guitar Software Amplifier & Cabinet Including Chorus & Delay Effects Audified announces taking Linda Audio under its wing with Linda RockStack guitar amp and cabinet collaborative plug-in. Audified is proud to take experienced mastering/mixing engineer, musician, and programmer Martin Linda’s namesake Linda Audio under its wing with Linda RockStack — realizing a long-held dream…


DIFIX – United Plugins First Electric Guitar-Oriented Plugin

United Plugins First Electric Guitar-Oriented Plugin United Plugins released SounDevice Digital’s DIFIX — deploying several sophisticated independent processes to triumph over audio interface imperfections arising from their instrument input impedance not significantly being as high as claimed when trying to immediately record electric guitar or bass (which would possibly result in a dull sound with…

AmpliTube® 5 Takes a Quantum Leap Into the Future Main

AmpliTube® 5 Takes a Quantum Leap Into the Future

IK Multimedia unveils AmpliTube IK Multimedia’s advanced amp and effects modeling software takes a giant leap forward with the unveiling of AmpliTube 5. The AmpliTube series accurately captures the sound, feel, and vibes of the world’s most-sought-after guitar and bass gear in a perfect format for practicing, recording, and performing anywhere. The new AmpliTube 5…