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Checking Out Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio

Checking Out Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio In this video we look at why a multichannel frequency analyser is so useful. We’re using Spectrum 2 from Schulz audio. It’s super simple to use and allows us to deep dive into how the different sounds in our track are interacting together.

Sale on Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio poster

Sale on Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio

Spectrum 2 Sale Spectrum 2 allows you to inspect the frequency content of your mixes. Spectrum 2 is ideal for finding and cleaning up clashing frequencies in your mix. It supports input from multiple channels: just drop an instance at each point in the signal chain you want to measure. For just $19 (instead of…

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Spectrum 2 by Schulz Audio Is Out

Spectrum 2 a Multichannel | Spectrum | Analyzer Schulz Audio’s new plugin Spectrum 2 is a multi-channel spectrum analyzer that enables you to investigate the frequency content of your mixes. Spectrum 2 assists you to discover conflicting frequencies and to freshen up your mix. The plugin supports input from various channels: just drop an instance…


DATA the Ultimate Eurorack Utility Module is Shipping Again

Long-Awaited DATA Batch Now Ready for Shipment Many of us wait for the shipment of DATA one of the leading multifunction tool for Eurorack modular systems. Retailers and Mordax direct could not fulfill the high demand of DATA modules. I got word some days ago that crucial elements have arrived at the Mordax production line…

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30% Off BUTE Limiter / 40% Off BUTE Loudness Suite

Until June,18th 2019 (MIDNIGHT GMT), Signum Audio is offering an exceptional deal on the BUTE Limiter and Loudness Suite. See also our Bute Loudness Suite by Signum Audio Review. You can also download a free 14d ay trial here. Bute Loudness Suite qualifies you for the loudness war with an integrated solution containing an Analyser,…