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Shared System Tutorials – Arpeggios

Shared System Tutorials – Arpeggios I guess this is a logical sequel to part 29. In this episode we’re going to use Maths LFO’s and translate them to arpeggios with the help of the Rene built in quantizer to create all kinds of dreamy soundscapes, whirls and spirals.

HEXO Arpeggiator Sequencer

HEXO Arpeggiator & Sequencer

HEXO Arpeggiator & Sequencer The core of HEXO is the pattern editor: the Grid. The Grid is a deep six-track sequencer, where you can meticulously write your patterns, thanks to a lot of parameters available per step, exclusive per-track time values, and global utilities. Range-based random functions are also available as inspiration or smart kickoff for your search for the perfect pattern. HEXO loves to…

Nordic an Omnisphere by Triple Spiral Audio

Nordic an Omnisphere by Triple Spiral Audio is now available

Nordic an Omnisphere soundset is now available Nordic is a new soundset for Omnisphere 2 with an ambient character, perfect for use in underscoring and use in film, game, and library music productions and contains 128 presets and 25 multis. The soundset has found its inspiration in the beautiful nature and landscapes from Scandinavia. Originally…

cropped SINFONION by ACL front

Sinfonio by Audiophile Circuits League Ready for Pre-Order

Unleash the power of your modular system with the Sinfonion. Not only is the Sinfonion the most complex and versatile quantizer, chord generator and arpeggiator in Eurorack format, it is also a very musical module and fun to use. It has been designed and programmed by Mathias Kettner and is produced by Audiophile Circuits League…

Modules and Modular Boxes by Triple Spiral Audio

Modules and Modular Boxes by Triple Spiral Audio

Modules and Modular Boxes for Omnisphere 2 and 3 for Zebra 2 Modules are elements from existing soundsets and each Module has a fixed price of €8.99 and contains between 30 and 65 presets. If you are for example only looking for pads, soundscapes or ARP’s then the Modules are a perfect place to start….

Keytone by Channel Robot

Channel Robot Releases KeyTone for Kontakt

Channel Robot releases KeyTone for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1+. Keytone is a dual voice keyboard sounds ROMpler. The starting point was that the world doesn’t need another multi-gig multi-sampled grand piano ROMpler, nor does it need more Rhodes or Whirlitzer instruments. Those bases are pretty much covered. Channel Robot wanted to make a…


Pulsar Review – Deep and Futuristic Electronic Sounds by UVI

Pulsar a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review Pulsar is an expansion of sounds for the UVI Falcon with futuristic basses, leads, atmospheres, pads, fx and more. The Pulsar expansion for Falcon uses the excellent synthesis abilities of Falcon. (Keep in mind that a Falcon license required. Pulsar is not compatible with UVI Workstation.) Pulsar was…

Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance Review

Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance Review

Omnisphere Bundle by MIDIssonance The Omnisphere Bundle comprising of five single Omnisphere sound sets all developed and produced by MIDIssonance. It is a collection of top quality sounds produced for Omnisphere 2.6 and includes all of MIDIssonance sound sets for Omnisphere 2. MIDIssonance is all about high-quality sound design for all things cinematic. MIDIssonance did…