Keystep Pro My favorite hardware sequencer

Keystep Pro: My favorite hardware sequencer? 🎹 // Arturia Keystep Pro vs. original Keystep

In this video, I compare the “Pro” version of the Keystep with the original Keystep, and discover the Keystep Pro is not just one of the best MIDI controllers in its price range, it’s actually a full-fledged sequencer with a focus on hardware integration.

Arturia V Collection 9 Review The Perfect Music Making

Arturia V Collection 9 Review: The Perfect Music-Making Experience

Making music is an incredibly personal experience. It’s a way to express yourself and can be a form of therapy. That’s why it’s so important to have the right tools and sounds to fit your flow. With the Arturia V Collection 9, you can immerse yourself in the perfect music-making experience. This software suite comes…

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Arturia’s KeyStep Pro – Unparalleled Sequencing and Arpeggiation Power in a Compact Keyboard Controller Sequencer

Do you want the power to sequence and arpeggiate your instruments like never before, in a compact form that’s easy to take with you on the go? Look no further than the KeyStep Pro! This incredible keyboard controller gives you unparalleled sequencing power in a small, desktop-friendly package. With KeyStep Pro, you can connect all…

Efx FRAGMENTS A Flexible Accessible and Musical Tool for Sound Exploration 1200 627

Efx FRAGMENTS: A Flexible, Accessible, and Musical Tool for Sound Exploration

You might want to divide and deconstruct any sound, rearrange and transform the pieces if you’re looking to create completely new sounds, or just want to experiment with remixing existing ones. Arturia’s new Efx FRAGMENTS is a unique audio tool that allows you to divide and deconstruct any sound, rearrange and transform the pieces, and…

Producers Days Sale 50 Off Individual Arturia Software Sounds

Producer’s Days Sale – 50% Off Individual Arturia Software & Sounds

In honor of Producer’s Day, Arturia is offering 50% off individual software titles and soundbanks! This sale lasts until February 17th, so don’t miss your chance to get some great deals on software and sounds you can use in your music productions. Whether you’re a producer, beatmaker, composer, or sound explorer, there’s something for everyone…

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Pigments 3.5: Explore the New Era of Electronic Music Production

Pigments are the industry standard for electronic music production. Top DJs, producers, and remixers have used it to create some of the most innovative tracks in recent memory. Now Arturia Pigments 3.5 is here with a new era of sound! Pigments 3.5 can be found in the Arturia Software Center. Just update to keep playing…

Arturia Unleashes PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper Firmware 1920 1080

Arturia Unleashes PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper Firmware

Arturia has been a pioneer in the world of virtual synths for decades, but their latest release is a giant leap forward in audio technology. The PolyBrute V2.0 Soundshaper Firmware will be available to registered users free of charge and it combines new features, functionality enhancements, and expansions to the instrument’s factory library at no…

Hyper-advanced Wavetable Synth Arturia MicroFreak V4.0 Out Now

MicroFreak: Introducing WaveUser Arturia has been making waves in the synth world for over 35 years. Their newest release, MicroFreak V4.0, is a prime example of their dedication to innovation and quality sound design. This hybrid desktop synthesizer brings new wavetable functionality with user wavetables, a new sound engine, and more! Find out all about…

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Arturia’s MiniFuse Range – Play. Record. Produce.

MiniFuse: the missing puzzle piece MiniFuse is your perfect, affordable, professional, and easy-to-use recording and creative solution. As an artist, musician, producer, podcaster, or creator, you need a great sound and a great workflow to let your creativity run wild. MiniFuse has an interface that takes you anywhere. Make music, record audio, and explore world-class…

MiniLab MkII Inverted The Nocturnal Music Maker pint sized control freak2

MiniLab MkII Inverted – The Nocturnal Music Maker

Arturia reissues sleek limited edition inverted MiniLab MkII Creativity by night. MiniLab MkII offers the perfect introduction to sound exploration, with a compact design, an easy plug-and-play workflow, and a suite of inspiring software included – now available in a slick inverted black finish. MiniLab MkII Inverted Features 25 note velocity-sensitive slim keyboard 2 banks…