Cinematic Expressions Bundle Sound Effects BOOM Library 1

Cinematic Expressions – BOOMLibrary’s Orchestra of Sound: Expand Your Sonic Palette with Growling Sound Effects

CINEMATIC EXPRESSIONS are designed to expand your sonic palette. With newly recorded BRAAMS, STINGERS, TAILS, WHOOSHES, and PINGS with a Construction Kit and a vivid Designed edition. There are over 19 GB worth of smooth yet growling sound effects that are perfect for any production – be it Film, TV, or Games. Designed to help…

ToyGuns Sound Effects BOOM Library


KA-CHUNK! – Toy Guns Everything a toy gun can do is waiting for you in this tightly stacked utility package of sound effects. Grab, movement and clicks await to be heard alongside rattles spin snaps grasps magazines reloads shots!It’s time to build your own mechanical contraption from scratch or complement an existing design with new…

Brute Force – Aggressive Elements Out Now

Brute Force – Aggressive Elements – Out Now

AGGRESSIVE SOUND ELEMENTS TO PUSH THE LIMITS The recordings were performed in and nearby BOOM Library’s studios. BOOM Library broke all the habits on their Eurorack to get the right squealing and squelching, pushing those red lines beyond what’s safe. The testament of a dominant sound is in its intricate composition. Layered to perfection, a…

Scoring a sci-fi animation short film | CheckpointVFX

Scoring a sci-fi animation short film Recently, I had the pleasure of scoring a sci-fi animation for CheckpointVFX. In my recent Twitch live streams, I was talking about analyzing and working on this short film. CheckpointVFX provides visual effects for tv and film and has worked for Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Agents of Shield, Gotham,…

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My new favorite plugin | BOOM EnRage

BOOM EnRage May I introduce you to my new favorite plugin EnRage by BOOM?

Mutate Organic Sound Effects Bundle BOOM Library 450x500 1

MUTATE ORGANIC – Sounds from Under Your Skin | Sound Effects

Mutate Organic | Sound Effects BOOM Library launched a new sound effects library. BOOM Library’s newest sound effects outgrowth has surfaced: MUTATE ORGANIC, the deliciously abnormal collection of mutating and morphing lifeforms and rogue organic matter. Discover the full spectrum of size, dampness and gut-wrenching movement this library provides in its ready-to-use Designed collection as…

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LiftFX by BOOM Library

74% OFF liftFX BY BOOM LIBRARY! liftFX lets you awe your audience with risers, build-ups, drops and more! RISE TO THE EMOTIONAL CENTER OF MUSIC AND SOUNDBuild-ups and risers are core parts of modern music and trailer productions. They’re essential as it is them who catch you and generate an unstoppable tension over time, crawling upwards…

Cyber Weapons Bundle Sound Effects BOOM Library

Cyber Weapons – Sound Effects by BOOM Library

Cyber Weapons – Sound Effects BOOM Library launched today their latest sound design library. CYBER WEAPONS, the next-generation sound effects library for futuristic, modern, and Sci-Fi weaponry. Design your own creations with the Construction Kit with over 4,000 source sounds. Launch an all-out galactic assault with ready-to-use sounds from the Designed collection. Time to pimp…

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Skate – Skateboarding Sound Fx – Pops, Grinds, Slides And More

Skate a New by BOOM Library The skate park: skateboarders busting pops, grinds, and slides, while others take pictures of the scene or just hang out and have a good time. BOOM Library focused this collection on capturing all the noisy excitement. This pack is crammed with genuine audio atmospheres and radical FX – from…

3D Surround Seasons of Earth Winter

3D Surround: Seasons of Earth – Winter

3D Surround: Seasons of Earth – Winter Calm breezes, chilling tonal wind, the faint sound of trickling snowflakes, freezing rivers recorded at various distances, biting winter storms and subtle animal activity. Seasons of Earth – Winter lends itself beautifully to any envisioned scene, offering you more than 50GB of finest sound material In 3D Surround and 16…