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  • Boredbrain Patchulator – NEXUS

    Boredbrain Patchulator – NEXUS

    The Patchulator NEXUS allows for quick temporary signal routing of pedalboards, effects and desktop instruments, and is a prime core between eurorack modular and other gear. Re-order audio effects easily Swap effects between instruments Experiment with signal flow Now Boredbrain launched a limited version. To celebrate the sale of over 2000 units of Patchulator 8000 […]

  • SPLIX Restocked

    SPLIX Restocked

    SPLIX – Inline Splitter Mixer 3.5mm SPLIX helps when you need to mix control voltage signals for more interesting modulations or just copying an audio signal for parallel processing. The passive splitter mixer comes in small lightweight form-factor. The thumb-wheel controls the crossfader balance of two inputs or the level ratio between two outputs. SPLIX […]