Cinema 4D

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FREE Mini Kit: Neo City

Mini Kit: Neo City Ready. Set. Build. Your Free Neo City is here. – Download this free mini kit featuring select pieces from some of our most popular full world kits: Neo Tokyo, Cyber Streets and Neo Shanghai! You can create cyberpunk megacities, sci-fi dystopias or overpopulated metropolises in an all-too-nigh futuristic blur of neon,…

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Jan Urschel Favourite Resources for 3D Image-making

Jan Urschel get a lot of questions on where to get good resources for all sorts of 3D objects. Be it human scan models, trees, textures, etc. Ja decided to make a video about it! Want to learn more? Courses on Design, techniques, 3D and much more available here: Humans HDRI Cultural/Objects General Architecture…

CINEMA 4D Release 13 – Expected in September 2011

CINEMA 4D Release 13 and BodyPaint 3D Release 13 are scheduled to ship in September through MAXON and its authorized dealers.   “CINEMA 4D R13 is supercharged with numerous productivity enhancements that cater to the multi-collaboration challenges our customers face every day,” Harald Egel states. “Artists interested in expanding their capabilities will love the new character tools….

Cinema4D R12 so far

We have been looking into selecting a new render and animation package. There are many possible and good products in this space, all could produce similar results, some have more features then others, some are more industry standard then others and some are easier to learn. To select a package was not easy. We selected…