Compositing does digitally assembling multiple images to make a image or motion picture. While compositing was rare some years ago it is used these days on a regular base if not for almost all pictures and movies you can see.

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Deep Dive into my Cinematic Metal Cover of Dream Is Collapsing

Deep Dive into my Cinematic Metal Cover Let’s take a deep dive into my cinematic metal cover of Dream Is Collapsing of the Inception soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

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Heavyocity Introduces The Brief: A New Video Series

The Brief: A New Heavyocity Video Series Introducing The Brief, an all-new video series about storytelling through cinematic music. Premiering Friday, April 16 2021 right here on Heavyocity YouTube Channel.

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How To Create Your Own Custom Sounds

How To Create Your Own Custom Sounds Let’s talk about how to create your own custom sounds by layering sample libraries, synths, and basically whatever you like and prefer. The best way to find out what works and not is to keep experimenting.

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Q&A with the Scaler Developers

Q&A with the Scaler Developers Covering your questions to the Scaler developers with Joshua Casper and Plugin Boutique. Scaler 2 (Affiliate Link) is an inspirational and compelling music theory workstation that provides you access to a world of original ideas, expressions, and melodies. With strong detection of MIDI and audio, Scaler 2 (Affiliate Link) can conclude what…

Snacks From Mars MPC free samples and more

Win an MPC2000xl

Win an MPC2000xl Samples From Mars is running a competition where you can win an MPC2000xl. Produce an original composition using only the MPC2000 Snacks From Mars for your drum sounds. and enter for a chance to win an MPC2000XL and free samples for life. PRIZES: Prizes WINNER gets an MPC2000XL, free sample for life,…

Christian Shows How to Add An Orchestra To A Vocal Track

How to Add An Orchestra To A Vocal Track Christian demonstrates how to add orchestral elements to a vocal track using Albion NEO and composer Alev Lenz’s song ‘Aimee Mann’.

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8Dio Launches Hybrid Tools Equinox

Equinox: Hybrid Action Tools 8Dio Hybrid Tools Equinox is a modern cinematic pulse tool designed for professionals. Equinox features a deep array of pulse- and rhythm tools all tempo-synced to the DAW. The tools include Action Groove Generator, Cinematic Pulse Generator, Giga-Horns (the new generation of Mega-Horns) and a vast array of other Rhythmic and Tonal tools. At its…

Studio One 4

Presonus Studio One Professional V4.1 Review

Presonus Studio One V4.1 Presonus Studio One Professional Release 4 is the latest and most advanced version of the popular Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) by PreSonus. Presonus did send a review copy with no strings attached. We did review Studio One 4.1 which was released as an update on September 13, 2018. Coming from the free update…


Sample Logic has released today LOOP SESSION SERIES – RHYTHMOLOGY (Affiliate link here and below) which can be used with your existing RHYTHMOLOGY more as an expansion or standalone without the need to buy RHYTHMOLOGY. As LOOP SESSION SERIES (LSS) can be used without RHYTHMOLOGY you may wonder about the difference feature LSS offer when used…

New Hybrid Tools 2 by 8Dio

8DIO New Hybrid Tools Vol 2

8DIO New Hybrid Tools Vol 2 walk through 8Dio did update their Hybrid Tools Vol 2. The NEW Hybrid Tools Vol 2 has been released some time ago and is one of the industry tools for Epic Cinematic Scoring. The library has mainly gotten a UI refresh. Many of the 8dio‘s Hybrid Tools are defacto…