"Reverb Tank Violin" Sample Library

Get Creative with Resonance: The Reverb Tank Violin Sample Library

“Reverb Tank Violin” Sample Library Looking for a unique string sound? Check out the “Reverb Tank Violin” Sample Library! This innovative instrument features a reverb tank that creates sympathetic reverberation, adding an extra layer of depth and complexity to your sound. Whether you’re looking for something new to add to your music or just want…

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650 Free Sample Libraries

650 FREE SAMPLE LIBRARIES: Pianobook relaunch + What’s new with Decent Sampler! Decent Sampler Libraries Check out the new @PIANOBOOK site here ( When you join Pianobook, you’re joining a global community of samplists who believe that music is everywhere. Whether it’s the sound of a passing car or the noise of a busy street,…

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Indie Bass (Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler)

Indie Bass An Aria Pro II precision bass and a Music Man Sixty-Five tube amp join forces to produce a classic Indie / New Wave / Funk bass sound. Now in three convenient formats: Kontakt, SFZ, and Decent Sampler. NOTE: The Kontakt version requires the full version of Kontakt (not Kontakt Player). Indie Bass Features Three…

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decent|SAMPLES’ Free Resonator Glockenspiel (Kontakt, SFZ, Decent Sampler)

Free Resonator Glockenspiel On a particularly hot summer day in 2019, David Hilowitz came across this charming old glockenspiel at the Philadelphia Flea Market. Aside from its distinctive, homemade look, what makes this particular instrument unique is its resonator tubes – something one tends to see on larger instruments such as vibraphones and orchestral bells….