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Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Clock, Mixing & Flexibility

Clock, Mixing & Flexibility Hey there! Welcome to part three of this short series explaining the patch on my eurorack system for live-sets. Today we go over how everything is clocked and triggered, how I mix it all together, and finally, I have a few tips to keep a live patch flexible, and to prepare…

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples Hey there! This is the second video of a three-part series explaining the patch on my eurorack modular synth for live performances. This time we’ll have a look at the parts of the patch responsible for drums and sample playback. Next week we go over how I…

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Eurorack Live Patch Explained: Melodic Voices

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – part 1: Melodic Voices Hey there! This is the first video of a three part series explaining a patch on my eurorack modular synth I often use for live performances. We start with the melodic voices, next week we have a look at drums and sample playback, and finally how…

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Analog Memories | 0-Coast + 0-Ctrl + Doepfer A151 Sequential Switch

Analog Memories Someone was wondering if it would be useful to have two 0-Ctrl units, looking for an excuse to get another one. He was wondering if it would be possible to extend the 8 step sequence to 16. Since I do not have two 0-ctrl’s lying around, I used my Brains/PressurePoints combo (the 0-Pressure)…

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What’s in my Eurorack case – A detailed overview of the modules I use

My Eurorack Case Hey there! I finally decided to make a few videos in which I talk about my setup, process, and making live music with a modular system. I wanted to start with a simple overview of my main Eurorack cases and the modules I use. Soon we’ll have a look at my sampler…

GregorQuendel Sci FiExplorations Cover Update09 2019

Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Released

Gregor Quendel released Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I is an experimental collaboration between Gregor Quendel and ARC Noise. Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I features 546 creative sci-fi sound effects, alien textures, ambiances, drones, space cities, deserted crystalline caverns, vast hives of digital insects, distressed metal impacts, abstract user interface sounds, transitions, and more….

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Doepfer New A-100 Slim Line Series Eurorack Modules

Doepfer has now launched its new range of new Slim Line Series modules. These new modules have been presented at Superbooth 2019.  Available Slim Line Series Modules Doepfer A-118-2 Noise / Random / Track and Hold / Sample and Hold Doepfer A-121-3 Multimode Filter / VCF Doepfer A-130-2 Dual linear/exponential VCA Doepfer A-138n Narrow Mixer…