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Get more out of ring modulation & crossfading – with Erica Synths Black Ring-XFade

Get more out of ring modulation & crossfading Today we go in-depth with the brand new Erica Synths Black Ring-Fade, a eurorack module with two ring modulators, a build-in crossfader, and VCA. Both the ring modulators as well as the crossfader can be used as independent modules, but the internal routing makes it very suitable…

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Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG

BLACK DUAL ASR EG The Black Dual ASR EG is a versatile, full analog looping AD/ASR envelope generator with voltage control over attack and release times, that can also be used as a low-frequency oscillator with a manually and voltage-controlled shape and rate. It has two identical parts, each featuring all typical envelope generator controls and…

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Starter Kits | Episode 04 | Bloom, Pico System III, Desmodus Versio

Starter Kits – Episode 04 After three episodes of Plaits, it’s time to go analog with the ‘Westcoast inspired Erica Synths Pico System III, Qu-Bit Bloom sequencer, and the insane Desmodus Versio reverb. The workflow is completely different and you’ll have to make your sounds from scratch. It sounds completely different too! Technically, it’s three…


Erica Synths’ 2x104HP Eurorack Carbon Fiber Travel Case

Erica Synths’ lightest 2x104HP travel case Erica Synths gives you one of the lightest and most durable eurorack travel cases available – the Carbon Fiber Travel case. Weighing just 3,2kg it houses 2x104HP of eurorack modules and the lid is deep enough to transport your modular with a patch ready for performance. The Erica Synths…

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Pico EF & Pico VCA2 by Erica Synths

Pico EF & Pico VCA2 PICO EF Pico EF is Erica Synths take on envelope follower module in 3hp! Pico EF features a preamp with +40dB gain (enough to boost even guitar and dynamic microphone signals for use in a modular system), envelope output with adjustable attack time and a gate output with adjustable threshold….

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Sacrament Modular – The Cursible

The Cursible from Sacrament Modular brings effects morphing (and much more) to the Eurorack format. The Cursible is a 14HP wide, 6 channel, morphing effects-send matrix with an incredible feature set and a vast amount of applications from morphing/sequencing through and blending effects through to cadavre exquis style mixing of sound sources or controlled voltages. The…

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Eurorack Live Patch Explained: Melodic Voices

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – part 1: Melodic Voices Hey there! This is the first video of a three part series explaining a patch on my eurorack modular synth I often use for live performances. We start with the melodic voices, next week we have a look at drums and sample playback, and finally how…

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Erica Synths Black Quad VCA2

Black Quad VCA2 Erica Synths Black Quad VCA, despite its compact size, is designed in line with the Black Series Hi-Fi philosophy, our custom pre-emphasis – de-emphasis circuits preserve all the nuances of the original signal. Erica Synths Black Quad VCA2 is a versatile four-channel voltage controlled amplifier and mixer module for use in complex…

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Erica Synths Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator

Erica Synths Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator Erica Synths Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator – a complex modulation source is now available. The Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator is a complex modulation source that combines VCA, waveshaper and ring modulator. It’s not a regular VCA; it can operate as one, but most…

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Erica Synths Fusion System II Shipping

Erica Synths Fusion System II Shipping Erica Synths is one of the few manufacturers that use vacuum tubes in eurorack modules, and those, who are familiar with tube-based modules, know that tubes can push the sound to extremes or turn it deep, saturated and complete. They did come up with three new Fusion series modules…