Error Instruments

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Fresh Mistakes | Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO

Error Instruments Spanky & Glow LFO Glow LFO is an experimental LFO that supports sine, square and turing machine low-frequency oscillators. A turing machine is a stepped random CV generator (semitone notes) that uses a buffer to create a repeating note sequence. The ‘glow’ part is about a light-sensitive resistor that slows down the LFO…

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Error Drums by Error Instruments

Error Instruments’s Error Drums It’s always fun to explore a new module from Error Instruments, and this one is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It’s weird, fun and great to generate all kinds of percussive quirks if you want to escape the mainstream XOX sounds – or combine them.

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Error Instruments Klok Blok

Error Instruments Klok Blok In case you’re wondering, Klok Blok is dutch for Clock Block. It’s an experimental clock divider with a built-in master clock (with input) and two LFO’s. You’d expect both to be clocked, but there’s also ‘error’ on the panel. So, no, they’re just utility LFO’s. The clock divisions are fixed but…

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Stellar | Furthrrrr, Queen of Pentacles, BitBox, Desmodus Family

Furthrrrr, Queen of Pentacles, BitBox, Desmodus Family

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Error Instruments | Broken Tape Simulator V2

Broken Tape Simulator V2 This video is about a small 6 HP module that can seriously trash any patch into a messy, but awesome glitch & data bending chaos. So skip this one if you’re not into modular madness. It’s about Error’s Broken Tape Simulator V2, which has a built in light sensor you can…

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Hard Ambient | Ambient music with Error Instruments

Hard Ambient | Ambient music with Error Instruments I usually break down a case after a session and build a new set, but I was wondering if I could do something ambient with the ‘Ultraviolence’ set. Ambient music isn’t that hard, but it’s a real challenge with Error Instruments Gear. As I said before, Error’s…

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Ultraviolence | Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher

Error Instruments Liquid Glitcher I am unquestionably against any form of violence. However, the new Liquid Glitcher from Error Instruments is described as an Ultraviolance Oscillator (including the intended spelling error). So I added a ! in front of it, which means ‘not’ in many programming languages. So let’s just stick to audio and then…

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Error Instruments Sound Scaper

Sound Scaper The new Sound Scaper from Error Instruments (NL) is a great (8HP) harmonic oscillator with a huge amount of sweet spots and a harmonic LFO. Not sure what that is, I just know it sounds awesome in a bigger system with lots of FX. It’s also a great audio rate modulation source. Don’t…

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Arbhar, Morphagene, BitBox 3.0, Clouds, and Phonogene – Granular Synthesis Showdown

GrainStation | Granular Synthesis Showdown Granular Synthesis is an excellent way to travel the tiny little gems that are covered inside and connecting sound. A ‘grain’ is a really small piece of a sound source, that can be stretched, pitched, reversed, and triggered. A ‘spray’ is a certain number of grains playing at once at…

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Child’s Play – Recreating a Ciat-Lonbarde vibe on a modular | Error Instruments CloudBusting

Child’s Play – Recreating a Ciat-Lonbarde vibe on a modular | Error Instruments CloudBusting Over the last couple of days I’ve been diving into the wonderful world of Ciat-Lonbarde synths. It started when watching DivKid’s interview with Nathan Moody and I ended up with watching all Heinbach videos getting more and more impressed by the…