Eurorack Case

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Getting started with modular synths – Step 1: Building a DIY Eurorack case

Building a DIY Eurorack case In this video, I build a DIY Eurorack case and take my first synth module (Plaits) for a spin.


Erica Synths’ 2x104HP Eurorack Carbon Fiber Travel Case

Erica Synths’ lightest 2x104HP travel case Erica Synths gives you one of the lightest and most durable eurorack travel cases available – the Carbon Fiber Travel case. Weighing just 3,2kg it houses 2x104HP of eurorack modules and the lid is deep enough to transport your modular with a patch ready for performance. The Erica Synths…

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Introduction to making modular Techno – Basic Eurorack Modules and Considerations

Basic Eurorack Modules and Considerations Today we are going to have a look at building a modular synthesizer designed for making Techno. My system is actually designed to be pretty flexible, but over the last few years I have been making modular music, the techno tracks have been the more popular ones, and quite some…

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What’s in my Eurorack case – A detailed overview of the modules I use

My Eurorack Case Hey there! I finally decided to make a few videos in which I talk about my setup, process, and making live music with a modular system. I wanted to start with a simple overview of my main Eurorack cases and the modules I use. Soon we’ll have a look at my sampler…

Erica Synths Fusion System II Shipping Top

Erica Synths Fusion System II Shipping

Erica Synths Fusion System II Shipping Erica Synths is one of the few manufacturers that use vacuum tubes in eurorack modules, and those, who are familiar with tube-based modules, know that tubes can push the sound to extremes or turn it deep, saturated and complete. They did come up with three new Fusion series modules…

Lightbath’s Hybrid Modula Video

Lightbath’s Hybrid Modula Video Up until the global travel situation abruptly changed Lightbath was preparing for a European tour. My focus was on building an entirely new hybrid hardware + software modular system to travel light and enter some new sonic zones. Lightbath has begun to document the process with the aim to create a…

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Lunchbox A New Portable Case By 2hp – OUT TO LUNCH

2hp Lunchbox – a new portable case solution for Eurorack 2hp`s 42HP case comes fully powered and ready to go with a latchable lid. Whether you’re in the studio, on a plane, or performing at your next modular picnic, Eurorack has never been so portable. 2hp sells four powerful systems packed in our new Lunchbox…

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Launching into Eurorack

As a bit of a preface, this series will focus on the Eurorack modular format; there are other formats that use patch-points. Eurorack is currently the most popular, by far. I’ll be using “Eurorack” and “modular” somewhat interchangeably, except where I specify that something is exclusively true for the Eurorack format, such as voltage specifications…


Structure 344 Four Row Eurorack Studio Enclosure

Eurorack Studio Command Center A centerpiece to any electronic composer and producer studio, the Structure 344 merges a classic form with robust power and deep, integrated synthesis tools. The 4 row, 344 hp desktop eurorack case features a custom Utility Bridge to handle a wide assortment of functions incorporating a preamp, mixer/splitter, dual voltage controlled…