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The DYSMETRIA DIY Kit: A Desktop and Eurorack Format Analog Groove Synthesizer

The DYSMETRIA DIY kit is a desktop and Eurorack format analog groove synthesizer. It’s a full voice analog modular groove synthesizer that can be used as a Desktop or Eurorack synthesizer. It comes along with a dedicated USB to Eurorack power converter, so you can use it in both formats without any problems! The DYSMETRIA…

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Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022

Hello everyone. We’ve been on a Budhist retreat in a cave on the dark side of the Moon for the last two years and literally just returned to Earth today. Did we miss anything whilst we were gone? Anything exciting happen? Signal Sounds Roundup May 2022 Now that we’re back, fully enlightened and settled in…

Transit The All Analog Stereo Signal Processor with Dual Mono Channel Lanes and Ducking Input scaled

Transit Eurorack Mixing – The All-Analog Stereo Signal Processor with Dual Mono Channel Lanes and Ducking Input

Looking for an all-analog stereo signal processor with dual mono channel lanes? Look no further than Transit Eurorack Mixing! This amazing eurorack module has two channels of audio with its own input gain control, mute button, and ducking input. The Ducking input on each channel operates like traditional side-chaining on a compressor, allowing you to…

maxresdefault 17 Spaceship | Episode 13 | Cockpit 1U, Golden Master 1U & Milky Way 1U

Today the 1U modules are launched and I had the privilege to make a launch video. If you have an Intellijel 1U row in your case, you may find this video of interest. If not, you may need one! made the modules compatible with Intellijel case outputs and I happen to have a…

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Healing Solfeggio Frequencies with Mordax Data & BitBox

Just looking at the number of plays a typical Healing Frequency video gets, I’d say they’re in high demand and highly appreciated. So in this video I wanted to share some tips and tools so you can make your own scales and tunings, and maybe turn your modular into a spa/wellness center to make people…

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The Bat Verb | Part 08 | Lacrima Versio

Please note, I am preparing for my first live gig ever, so I have to cut down on the video release frequency a bit. If you’re near Utrecht/Holland, I’ll be in the ModulationxUnCloud opening show at October 30, 2021. This week, two new firmware for the Noise Engineering Versio platform were released: Melotus and Lacrima….

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Loopop Mega Contest

Here’s my take on Mr. Loopop’s amazing Superbooth 2021 ‘Unreleased Synth Sample Pack Mega Contest’. Make sure you give it a try too because there are super prizes to win. Check out the linked video above for the rules and the downloads. Please note you can ONLY use sounds from the pack, no other sources….

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Starter Kits 10 | O_C Harmonaig GodSpeed+ MoonPhase Clouds Marbles

In this video I’ve picked a set of modules by task or function, so types and brands are less important. Today, the focus is on converting a mono voice to a more engaging stereo soundscape, where a quantizer can make a difference between letting the machine do all the work, or actually composing your own…

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Ephemere | Dual CV Recorder | by Patching Panda

éphémère (french for ‘short-lifespan’) is a dual-channel CV recorder that can record, sync, splice, and playback two independent modulation sources. It supports unipolar and bipolar ranges, but also audio rate sources. It can record up to 4 secs of audio in 44,1K if you wish to allow access to some ‘musique concrete’ applications. Finally, the…

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Modular World Patch-On Techno Challenge

On September 16th, ModularWorld launched the first worldwide (modular) TECHNO challenge and I was happy to be part of it. I am not sure if I can join all forthcoming Patch-On shows, but I’d like to commit to all challenges just for fun and inspiration. So maybe I’ll see you next time on ModularWorld. If…