Expert Sleepers

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Reel Life | Instruo Lubadh Part 02 | Grand Theft Audio

Instruo Lubadh – Grand Theft Audio With the Expert Sleepers ES-8 as an audio interface, I can basically grab and rip any audio on my PC so there’s a huge potential for samplers, granulators and loopers. But there’s also the risk of getting a copyright claim when you record/sample something that’s owned by a big…

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Tutorial Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor

Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor In my humble opinion, the personal computer (mac/pc) is the most powerful modular synth you can get. You’d need a wall of modules to get even close to that processing power. The ES-8 helps you utilize that power. It’s not cheap, but it can help you to start…

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples

Eurorack Live Patch Explained – Drums and Samples Hey there! This is the second video of a three-part series explaining the patch on my eurorack modular synth for live performances. This time we’ll have a look at the parts of the patch responsible for drums and sample playback. Next week we go over how I…

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Signal Sounds Roundup May 2020

Signal Sounds Roundup May 2020 Time is an illusion as Einstein once said.  Or was it Paul Daniels?  We can’t quite remember. Anyway, that’s patently not true as Signal Sounds turns to the grand old age of 1 today meaning that 365 days have passed since we pressed the big red “EJECT” button from our…

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Expert Sleepers – Now a Record Label

Expert Sleepers – Now a Record Label Expert Sleepers are proud to announce their new record label, showcasing music made with Expert Sleepers hardware and software. Each release will have a sumptuously designed physical edition. The debut release from Summer Kagan offers two sides of all-enveloping analog drone and bubbling synths – a palimpsest of tape recordings; deep layers of…

Lightbath’s Hybrid Modula Video

Lightbath’s Hybrid Modula Video Up until the global travel situation abruptly changed Lightbath was preparing for a European tour. My focus was on building an entirely new hybrid hardware + software modular system to travel light and enter some new sonic zones. Lightbath has begun to document the process with the aim to create a…

Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.14 Released

Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.14 Released

You can now update your Disting Mk4 with the released Firmware 4.14 and add some key features to your Expert Sleepers Tausendsassa. Disting Mk4 Firmware 4.14 Added the Pulsar VCO algorithm. Added the Switch algorithm. Added slew parameters to the Dual Sample and Hold algorithm. The MIDI Clock algorithm can now output clocks up to…

Expert Sleepers ES 9

Expert Sleepers module – the ES-9 is in Stores Now

ES-9 is in Stores Now The ES-9 is a Eurorack 16-in/16-out USB audio interface, with DC-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both audio and CVs. With its balanced 1/4″ main outputs & headphone socket, it’s the perfect one-stop solution for integrating a modular synth and a laptop/tablet, either in the studio or…

GregorQuendel Sci FiExplorations Cover Update09 2019

Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Released

Gregor Quendel released Sci-Fi Explorations Vol. 1 Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I is an experimental collaboration between Gregor Quendel and ARC Noise. Sci-Fi Explorations – Vol I features 546 creative sci-fi sound effects, alien textures, ambiances, drones, space cities, deserted crystalline caverns, vast hives of digital insects, distressed metal impacts, abstract user interface sounds, transitions, and more….

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Expert Sleepers ES-9 Pre-Order Available

The upcoming Expert Sleepers ES-9 is now available for Pre-Order at Signal Sounds: EXPERT SLEEPERS ES-9 EURORACK USB AUDIO INTERFACE MODULE (PRE-ORDER). Signal Sounds price for the pre-order is 499 GBP.