Field Recording

Field recording is the process of capturing environmental sounds for use in music, film, television, or other audio productions. This can be done either by using a portable recorder or by placing microphones in specific locations to capture the desired sound.

I sampled the beach FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY

I sampled the beach (FREE SAMPLE LIBRARY)

Last weekend, I went to NAMM and hung out with a bunch of Youtubers (@Christian Henson Music @Jon Meyer Music @Venus Theory @Dan Keen Music), but this video isn’t about that. This video is about the day after NAMM–a day I spent walking around the Santa Monica beach with a field recorder. The Santa Monica…

Rain Sounds: How They Benefit Your Mind

Rain Sounds: How They Benefit Your Mind

Do you love the sound of rain? Many people find the sound of rainfall to be calming and soothing. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of rain sounds and how they can improve your mental health! Did you know that the sound of rain can be incredibly calming and soothing? It’s no…

How Can You Monetize the Sound of Rain 1

How Can You Monetize the Sound of Rain?

How Can You Use the Sound of Rain? The rain sound is not always a simple pitter-patter either. Sometimes it can sound like tapping or even trickling noise! Studies indicate that rain has an area between 20Hz to 2500Hz and reduces the complexity of the brain. How Can You Monetize the Sound of Rain? Many…

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Tascam X8 Real World Test in Bangkok

The Tascam Portacapture X8 is put to the test in our newest YouTube video. Come explore Bangkok’s ambiance and join us on a field recording tour across this megacity. Tascam X8 No matter where your creative endeavors take you, the Tascam Portacapture X8 will be there to help you get the most out of them….

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Tascam X8 Problem, First Impressions and Q&a

In our first video about the new Tascam X8, we briefly talk about a problem we discovered, our first impression and we answer your question that you had on Instagram and YouTube. Who are we? We’re Libby and Marcel, a full-time traveling couple recording unique sounds around the world! Follow us as we go to…

What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds

What Does It Mean to Say Field Recordings Capture Ambient Sounds?

Field Recordings Record Ambient Sounds It’s fun recording nature noise, places, devices, and other assorted sounds. I always make a recording of the sound I hear from my phone and the recordings. Every season, nature unleashes a new and varied sound composition on Earth, which is made up of a variety of sounds. The sound…

The Art of Recording Ocean Sounds

How to Record the Ocean Sounds

The Art of Recording Ocean Sounds It’s not enough to simply admire ocean waves from the shore. The ocean is a soundscape that deserves your full attention and recording ocean sounds can be as simple as using an iPhone or some basic equipment like a microphone, headphones, and a field recorder. Ocean sounds are incredibly…

How To Recorded the Sound of Fire

How To Recorded the Sound of Fire

This blog post is about how I recorded the sound of fire. Sound recording has always been my passion, and when I was given this assignment for Sound Recording 101, it gave me an opportunity to explore a new type of sound. Sound recordings are typically made in studios with microphones and reverb units to…

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Making Money with Sound Recordings? Your Chance for 2022!

Can you make money with field recording and live a lifestyle that allows you to travel the world, have financial freedom, and live a life on your own terms and rules? In this video, we’ll talk all about it…

How to Record the Sound of Wind

How to Record the Sound of Wind

The sound of the wind is a sound that many people find to be calming and soothing. This sound can also help you focus on something else when it is too noisy around you. Recording the sound of wind can be difficult, but this blog post will show you how to capture this sound without…